Anne Marie Becker

Anne Marie Becker won the 2009 Golden Heart for her novel ONLY FEAR. As someone who's read it, I can attest it's spine-tingling and chilling and it's an awesome way to pull an all-nighter. Just make sure you're not alone....


After a violent incident
with a patient leaves scars on both her mind and body, psychiatrist Dr. Maggie Levine craves isolation. A radio talk show host seems to be the perfect profession, a job where she can help people from a distance while staying safe. When a strange caller begins stalking her on the air and murdering people to get her attention, Maggie realizes she can no longer close herself off from the outside world.

A personal security expert, former Secret Service Agent Ethan Townsend is no stranger to tracking down the most violent monsters of society and bringing them to justice. Still, it will take all of Ethan's skills to protect his new assignment, the irresistible Maggie, from a man intent on teaching her the ultimate lesson in fear…

SHALL WE PROCEED? AFTER ALL, IT'S ONLY FEAR. Let's get to know Anne Marie Becker!

DONNELL: Small towns or big city?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: I’m somewhere in between. I live in a small city, and LOVE it. But for a variety of activities and excitement, it’s hard to beat the big city.

DONNELL: Favorite Room in Your House?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Living room – that’s where everyone in the family tends to gather, and where I get most of my work/writing done.

DONNELL: You’re having a dinner party. Which of your characters would you invite? Exclude?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Invite: Damian Manchester and anyone from the SSAM team. (Wouldn’t those mindhunters make interesting conversation? They do in my head all the time.) Exclude: the serial killers!

DONNELL: Have you ever written a character who wasn’t meant to be a hero/heroine but he/she wouldn’t go away?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Yes! I am working on a trilogy now (separate from my Mindhunters series), but one of the secondary characters wants to be a hero. Sigh. I like him, so he’ll probably get his way…

DONNELL: When writing, do you listen to music?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: I don’t seek out background music unless I’m struggling with a scene (in which case I like the soundtracks for movies), but when I write at a coffee shop or at home when family members are around, sound tends to be a natural part of the environment. Having young children, I’ve adapted to write under almost any circumstances.

DONNELL: What’s in your refrigerator right now?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Lots of stuff! My kids are picky eaters, so I have various things to satisfy the munchkins. For me… iced tea, yogurt (pina colada and peach are my favorites), cottage cheese, strawberries & blueberries, salad fixin’s… And a couple V-8 juices with which I tried to get the kids a healthy serving of vegetables. Didn’t go over very well. :P

DONNELL: What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Oh, that’s a toughie. I guess I’d say that I want people to know I’m not crazy. It may seem like that some days, when I have a million things to do and three color-coordinated lists going to tell me all the activities I need to keep track of, as well as my personal goals, but I’m happiest when I’m organized.

DONNELL: Favorite hobby in the winter? Favorite hobby in the summer?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Winter: reading! Summer: reading outside! :)

DONNELL: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Thanksgiving. I love having the family around and the satisfaction of cooking for them. And there’s none of the pressure of getting the right gift for everyone!

DONNELL: What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: I’m learning (now that I’m receiving feedback from readers) how truly chilling I am. I guess my quirk is that I love writing villains. I find it intriguing to get inside their heads.

DONNELL: What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing/researching a book?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: The stimulus for the SSAM team (and thus, the Mindhunters series) was a show I saw on the Vidocq Society. I was fascinated that a group of people came together on a regular basis to discuss cold cases. And I believe they do this over lunch! What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on that wall…

DONNELL: High heels or hiking boots?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Bare feet. ;) (But if I must wear shoes, they’re on the hiking boots end of the spectrum.)

DONNELL: Dog or cat person?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Definitely cat. I don’t dislike dogs, but they’re so high maintenance. (Did I mention I have kids—and characters—who already require all of my attention?)

DONNELL: Which is your favorite language other than your native language?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: German, because it sounds so different. But I studied Spanish in school.

DONNELL: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: School counselor or teacher. Helping others really is my passion, and I’ve done both in the past. I miss it sometimes.

DONNELL: What’s the first thing you do when you finish a book?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: Book a spa day.

DONNELL: If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be?

ANNE MARIE BECKER: One of my ancestors who originally immigrated to America. I don’t know much about my family tree, and would love to learn more.

And now it's Anne Marie's turn to ask readers a question.

Who’s your favorite hero, heroine, or villain – either from a book or movie, and why?

Anne Marie is giving away ONLY FEAR to one lucky reader who's brave enough to comment. And if your curious, check out here web page at www.annemariebecker.com

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  1. Wow, great interview and this book looks scary. My favorite hero in a movie would be Harrison Ford in Star Wars - he was an anti- hero, but so cute!

  2. Oh, I love Han Solo. He fits right in with my sarcastic, sometimes snarky humor. Sense of humor is an important part of attraction and chemistry (at least for me). Thanks for stopping by, Tammy!

  3. I go for the fallen heroes in need of redemption, unlikely heroes, villains who aren't all bad. Strider/Aragorn (king in disguise) is an excellent hero. As a reader, I like to be introduced to characters I'm not quite sure about. Are they protagonists or antagonists? ;)

  4. GJillian - fantastic point. Why do you think we go for the fallen ones or the ones who don't know themselves yet? Because we can relate and it gives us hope? Because we want to see change in others, and there's no greater, more dramatic change than someone changing their world view or overcoming the greatest of odds? Interesting to think about...

  5. I agree with GJillian - Strider/Aragorn (particularly the yummy Viggo version from the movies) is one of my favorites. I also love Daniel Craig's version of James Bond - he has a definite dark side.

    I do think a lot of that has to do with change, though. I wouldn't have loved Aragorn if he hadn't finally stepped up and become who he was born to be (to paraphrase Elrond). And Daniel Craig's Bond had more character developmenet in "Casino Royale" than most previous Bonds. It's the whole arc that makes the hero, not the premise or the awesome abs :)

  6. Re: Aragorn... yes, he has to make a choice to fulfill his destiny, right? Seeing the steps he goes through to make that choice is powerful.

    And I agree about Daniel Craig's Bond having more character development. I liked how they showed how he became a "double-O" at the beginning, and how his experiences shape the man/agent he becomes. I'm a sucker for movies that show "beginnings" - like when they went back and showed how Batman became Batman. I love knowing the psychology behind what shapes a person's character.

  7. Oh, Anne, I can see why we're Ruby Sisters. :) My kids are picky too--I actually found a WM brand of the "V8" juice, the peach mango flavor, that they'll drink so at least they get a serving of something good a day, lol. I'm also a barefoot girl myself. And I do love writing villains...and then killing them, mwhahahah.(I don't mind if people think I'm crazy though, they've thought it so long, I'm used to it )

  8. Great interview, Anne Marie! Wow--I love those heroes :) I also have a massive soft spot for Russell Crowe in Gladiator :) I can't believe Sept is almost over!

  9. LOL, Diana - I'll have to look for the peach mango version. My daughter (and my youngest son) will eat pretty much anything fruit related - even grapefruit. But veggies... uh-uh. No way. LOL Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  10. Oh, Toni, how could I have forgotten GLADIATOR?! I love that movie, and *him* in it, of course. :D I think I'm going to have to watch that again this weekend. I saw LA Confidential a few weeks back, and loved Russell in that one, too. In fact, I picture that version of him when I picture the hero in my current WIP. Hmmm... definitely going to have to plan a Russell Crowe movie marathon sometime soon! LOL

  11. My favorite hero is an unlikely one Mr. Johnson (Jeff Daniels)in the movie Pleasantville. He followed his passion, fought the system, pronounced his love and helped change a world. Not bad for a mild mannered soda fountain owner!

  12. What a great movie, Keridak -- and I wouldn't have thought of him right away when I think hero, but the quiet ones always surprise you. :)

  13. Hi Anne! I loved your Small City answer. I feel the same way. I am not sure I could make it in a NYC but I love NOLA!
    My favorite character in a book was Sam in The Bride Theif by Jacquie D'Alessandro. She was so independent in a time when woman couldn't be. She was the perfect character!

  14. I am so late to the party, traveling in very hot Utah! I loved Anne Marie's ONLY FEAR, and she does a great job of showing why women find him unassuming and then WHAM. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly. This book is full of surprises.

    Anti heroes. Hmmm. I guess Lex Luther in Lois and Clark. Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. Tommy Lee Jones was almost an anti-hero in The Fugitive -- I mean who wants Harrison Ford to get hurt... but I fell in love with that US Marshal determined to do his job. I'm so brain dead right now, I can't think. Just had to pop in and say hi, and well done on an awesome book and interview. thanks for being with us today on Get Lost in a Story, Anne Marie!

  15. Hi, Sherie! :) I'll have to check out that book. I love historical romances. In fact, I've been craving some lately... might have to go on a reading binge next week, now that some of my deadlines have been met. Yay! :)

  16. No problem, Donnell - and safe travels! Thank you so much for having me here today. I'm lovin' all the talk of heroes, heroines, and anti-heroes. Hmmm... which has me thinking - what are some examples of anti-heroines? :)