Christine Cody

Christine Cody brilliantly reinvents the Badlands.
Get lost in this story. We dare you.

The New Badlands—a desolate area in the West forged by the terrible events that altered the entire country, where a few frightened citizens retreated underground to shelter from the brutal weather...and from a society gone deadly dangerous.

Then the vampire arrived—and they started calling it the Bloodlands.

Not because Gabriel, the so-called monster running from his true self, was searching for his lover’s murderer. Nor because Mariah, the woman who reluctantly took him in, was willing to do anything to survive in the changed world.

No, the Badlands officially became the Bloodlands the moment a gun-for-hire who’d decided to slay every monster left in the country came after Gabriel . . .

Hi, all! I conceived this series while on a Western movie binge. I thought, “What if the typical gunslinger who had lost his humanity was actually a guy who slings fangs, not bullets? And what if he had literally lost that humanity because he’s a vampire?” Hence, you have what starts out in book one as a paranormal Shane meets Mad Max—an action-adventure futuristic Western with a strong romance at its core. I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome Bloodlands author Christine Cody.

Jillian: Where do you read and how often?
Christine: I read everywhere! I have a New Yorker magazine in my purse so I can read while I stand in line. I read on couches, on planes, but mostly in my bed. I love a good, stormy day when the rain is tapping on the windows—perfect reading time! And I read both print books and from my new e-reader, which speaks to my “impulsive buyer” side.
I don’t get to read as often as I like. I get to indulge myself when I’m off deadline. However, I usually have about three books going at once from different genres. Variety is the spice of life!

Jillian: What sound or noise do you love?
Christine: I absolutely love the sound of a lawnmower, mostly because it means I’ll get to smell freshly cut grass, LOL. There’s something so homey about those sounds and smells—very “neighborhoody.”

Jillian: What was the first story you remember writing?
Christine: In grade school, I wrote what turned out to be a horror story about a village that has a strange spring rites festival. It was influenced by movies I would see on Sunday afternoons in which you’d have those strange, horrific villages that practice dark activities. My dad really had a strong reaction to it—not a good one!—because I think he couldn’t believe that I would write something so dark. Needless to say, some of my stuff I write now isn’t his cup of tea. But he’s still proud of me.

Jillian: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
Christine: This is a really tough one, because I have an ever-evolving top-ten list. The original STAR WARS movies are always in it, though. (Yes, I count them as one movie that can be broken into three parts!) STAR WARS influenced me greatly as a fan, a storyteller, and a lover of cinema. Then again, I think it did that for an entire generation.

Jillian: Who’s your favorite villain?
Christine: I have a lot of favorites, but I can say my *most recent* favorite villain is Mags from the second season of JUSTIFIED. What a fabulous character—a core of steel and a heart of gold (at least when it comes to those she loves). I loved watching her because she made every scene she was in better. Plus, you could understand this woman’s motivations and even sympathize with them while being appalled by her. *That’s* a complex villain.

Jillian: What’s your favorite kind of story to get lost in?
Christine: This really depends on my mood, but I can tell you what I *majorly* got lost in this summer—the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R.R. Martin. I watched GAME OF THRONES on HBO, and I was so taken by the series’ mythology and characters that I couldn’t wait for season 2 to see what happened next. I was obsessed by all five (so far) books this summer, and it was a real struggle to get to work on my own stories, LOL. I haven’t been so lost in a story for a while, and it’s killing me that I’ll have to wait years for the next books!

Christine Cody is the author of the postapocalyptic supernatural Western Bloodlands series.

The first book, Bloodlands, launched July 26, followed by Blood Rules (August 30) and In Blood We Trust (September 27).

Jillian: If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be?
Christine: Jack the Ripper. I’ve always had an intense need to know who he really was. Sure, there are lots of books out there with educated guesses about his identity, but it seems the theories are always changing. By interviewing him, I would get to his secrets, and I would be fascinated by his thought process and motivations.
I think just about every horror lover has tried their hand at a Jack the Ripper story and, indeed, I have one of my own. I wrote it in college. This reminds me that I’ll have to dig it up again!

Jillian: What do you do to unwind and relax?
Christine: I walk and walk and walk, LOL. But I’m also an avid TV watcher at the end of the day. I used to go to movies quite a bit, but the sheen has worn off for me, and I think the best visual storytelling out there is on the tube. It’s very encouraging to see very smart, quality storytelling in series like BREAKING BAD and MAD MEN and, of course, GAME OF THRONES, etc. These are series that aren’t necessarily fast paced all the time, and they require a lot of attention to details and an audience’s investment of time. I love that there’s a place for that, because I think we sometimes believe that everything in our books has to happen so quickly.

Jillian: Which of your characters would you most/least like to invite to dinner, and why?
Christine: I would love to have a chat with the villain of my Bloodlands books, Johnson Stamp. He’s not a super bad guy unless he’s crossed or his morals and ethics are challenged. He’s the “Javert” of these books. I’m drawn to understand darkness in the world as well as in people, so this would be an interesting meeting for me.

Jillian: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
Christine: I always hoped I would get to travel, and writing has allowed me to do that. I wrote a series called Vampire Babylon as Chris Marie Green, and for the second trilogy of that series, I went to London, just so I could get some vibes for the books’ location. I went to Highgate Cemetery and blocked scenes out there, and did the same on the streets. I normally use my trips as inspiration for all of my books. What other job lets you do that?

Jillian: Tea or Coffee? And how do you take it?
Christine: Tea with cream and sugar. I love high tea, too. I mean *love.* My favorite tea is “Lover Girl” from Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego. It has a hint of violet in it.

Jillian: Since it’s Halloween, which of one your characters would you like to dress up as tonight?
Christine: If I wanted to scare people silly, I would dress up as Subject 562 from books 2 and 3. Sometimes, it reminded me of what Samara in THE RING looked like with her hair over her face!

Christine's Halloween Giveaway Special!

Christine would like to ask you a question: What will *you* be wearing on Halloween and why? Three lucky commenters will receive a copy of volume #1 of the Bloodlands series!

***Note: Offer void where prohibited. Prizes will be mailed to North America addresses only. If an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) is available, the author may utilize that option for International participants. Odds of winning vary due to the number of entrants.


  1. Christine, welcome to GLIAS!

    I just started BLOODLANDS and I am sooo sucked right in! Why do I love post-apocalypse, dystopian tales so much? I don't think of them as depressing at all. They may be horrifying but they are also great adventure!

    This Halloween I am going door to door as frazzled romance writer on deadline. Nothing scarier than that!

  2. I'm not exactly sure, but I'll probably wear a witch's hat and a cap.

    lvsgund at gmail.com

  3. i cannot wear a costume at my work, so I will be dressed as an office worker on Halloween.

  4. I'm dressing up as the Evil Queen from Snow White! Can't wait...

    I love Halloween! LOL

    Great blog Chris!!!

    Lisa :)

  5. I am self-employed so really anything goes LOL This year I am dying my hair, last time it came out purple and I am hoping for a repeat, I have a lovely temporary tattoo, and some dark purple nail polish I hope to be able to get on my fingers. I was also going to wear my purple shirt, but was afraid I might be confused with a grape or eggplant The main reason I plan to do this - just to freak out my hubs and son mmmmaww haa haa haa haaaa! Thank you for the fun. I would love to read Bloodlands, it has been on my wishlist for a while and what an awesome treat for All Hallows Eve this would be!


  6. I'm being lame and just wearing cat ears. My costume idea was to wear all black and a mask and be a cat burglar...

  7. Hi, you all!
    Jill, thank you so much! I cannot *wait* to read your books. Love your costume, too. ; )

    LilMissMolly, speaking of witches, are you watching THE SECRET CIRCLE? Dang that got good!

    Aw, Tammy, maybe after work you can get out the fun garb? ; )

    Lisa, thanks! And I hope you're going to take a picture of that costume. BTW, how did your panel go at WFC?

    Denise, thank you--and I love that your purpose for dressing up is to scare people! I haven't dressed up in a while, but I'm with you--I think Halloween should be as scary as possible. :)

    LOL, Abigail, that's not lame. It worked for Selena Kyle.

  8. Welcome to GLIAS Christine! This year...well, I'm at least in Halloween colors. If I make my hair stand out and look pasty I might could be...OH, that's what I look like every day. LOL

    Have fun !

  9. I'm going to be dressing up as a sort of dark angel or angel of death type being. I like the gothier looking costumes and I had gotten a pair of black wings for cheap after last Halloween so I thought I should do something with them this year. =)
    Happy Halloween everyone!!! v----v

    Valerie Long
    Jewelry Creations by V.S. Long - https://www.facebook.com/vsl1974

  10. For those of you who need a something quick this Halloween: Clown nose. Works with any outfit, dress the nose up or down, daytime or evening attire. And the other item is vampire teeth. Best worn with all black attire. If you are a man you can take your shirt off, put the teeth in and you can go as a paranormal romance book cover! That is---if you have a fabulous chest and abs.

  11. I'm going to go dressed like this big over-stuffed chair at the house where the party is. Then I'm going to just sit in it and wait... AND POUNCE! I'm doing it because it will scare the stuffing out of some people not expecting it...

  12. LOL, Angi. I hear ya!

    Happy Halloween to you, too, Valerie! Will you be wearing your jewelry?

    Jill, that's a costume guaranteed to score at any bar in town.

    Truly, Did Ya? Because that's awesome!

  13. Chris, I think your concept is brilliant! Welcome to Get Lost in a Story, sorry to be late. Postapocalyptic supernatural Western Bloodlands series. sounds dark gritty & compelling. Here's top a fantastic series!

  14. Hi Chris
    I dressed up as a witch today because that's what I felt I was going to be a gypsy:)
    Good luck on the new series.

  15. My husband likes Game of Thrones, too, though he's been reading the books instead of watching the show. Great post!

  16. Donnell, thanks so much! And I appreciate being here. The interview was great fun. :)

    Thanks, Mary! Hope you had fun as a witch.

    Diane, thank you. : ) And I'm sure your hubby will *love* the show. It's absolutely fantastic.