Candid Confessions of a Newbie Author

Today is the official release day of my first book, HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION! This day has been coming for a long time. I was not one of the fortunate ones who got published with her first, second or even third manuscript. Nope. This journey for me officially began back in 1999. In the years since, I've written several manuscripts (10, I think!), entered many contests (won/finaled in some), and worked with wonderful industry professionals. I've learned quite a bit over the years, but nothing could prepare me for the roller coaster of activity after I signed the contract from Decadent Publishing back in December.

Without going into all the details of putting a book together, I'll just say I've had LOTS of work in the last few months. I'm confident that my stories are good enough, but every once in a while, doubts did creep in. Half the time I kept waiting for the publisher to contact me and tell me they'd made the offer to the wrong person. However, when I got the cover, I figured I was safe and then began making plans for promotion, which is crazy overwhelming but so much fun! (Sometimes it's more fun than the actual writing!)

Two days ago my book went up my publisher's website under the "Coming Friday" logo. I can't tell you how giggly I got reading that! To know that something I created would soon be available for anyone who wants it...WOW! It's amazing and unbelievable and humbling all at the same time. And I know now this is EXACTLY the career I want. Hopefully HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION will be the first of many books I'll get to share with you!

I started celebrating 2 weeks ago and haven't stopped yet. Here are some pictures of my celebration.

Two of my brothers and me for St. Patrick's Day

Flowers from one of my brothers & sisters-in-law

A celebratory breakfast with my mom & stepdad

Me in a tiara at my dinner with my FANTABULOUS CP group

The cool treats my friends gave me (in addition to my dinner) 
for my book hitting the cyber shelves! 

I've also gotten some great emails, tweets and FB messages from people. I'm a pretty lucky lady! Thanks for letting me share my day with you. Now I MUST get back to writing the next story!


  1. Alexa,
    Thanks for sharing your journey and ever-present positive attitude. You are a model for us all. Sending out cheers and champagne on your release date. Can't wait to read HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION!
    ARWA shines with your success!

  2. Congratulations on HHC's release day and on joining the great group at GLIAS! Here's to many, many sales.

  3. Welcome to the other side of publishing!

    Instead of growing my fingernails back once the book was out...I just got acrylic nails.


  4. Congrats! Your book looks amazing! I'll have to check it out!!!

  5. Happy Release Day!!!! Your story is truly inspiring, Alexa, and just goes to show all of the aspiring writers out there (like me) that it's so important never to give up on your dream. =)

  6. I am eleven days away from deadline, but I wanted to say congrats on Her Highland Champion (love a big strong man in a kilt) and welcome again to GLIAS Alexa! ;)

  7. Thanks, Jillian! Goodluck with that deadline!