Play casting director for the day and cast the roles of Rafe and Fanny.

Okay, so you're not a casting director in real life, but today you get to play one on Get Lost in a Story!

Whenever I am preparing to start a new manuscript, I always begin the process with a number of pictures in my mind, and even more importantly, a voice in my head. It's really weird, but I can't write dialogue unless I can hear the character's voice in my head.

So I'm going to play producer here, and give you some background on each character that I need to caste in my story and then you can then pick and choose from the actor's headshots below.

For the role of Detective Rafe Lewis:

His backstory:  The honorable Raphael Lewis, St. Aldwyn is the estranged second son of an earl whose family is land rich and cash poor. He jilted his childhood sweetheart and fiancée, Miss Fanny Greyville-Nugent and his own mother hasn’t spoken to him in five years. Readers first meet Rafe in An Affair with Mr. Kenned,

His personality: Detective Lewis comes off as a rake, but he uses these roguey traits to help him hide from his past. He is handsome in a princely way. He is athletic, extremely fit, and carries himself in a princely manner. He is also a brave and cunning fighter. Rafe has an uncanny ability to sense danger and a natural talent for sleuthing. He rarely lets anyone see his more vulnerable side, but it's there––big time. I just can't share much about it because I don't want to be a spoiler! 

Henry Cavill
The Tudors, Immortals, Superman...oh yeah, Rafe is all that.

Wentworth Miller
An interesting choice. Edgy, soft spoken, cunning...with an unexpected sweet side. 

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant'a take on the character of Charles in Four Weddings and a Funeral is so Rafe. Princely, with a self-effacing charm.

Chris Evans
There is this scene I'm thinking of...it's a hot sweltering day. Rafe and Fanny
take turns having a swim in the loch:  
Rafe rose out of the water and waded ashore. This time she balked but did not turn away. Rivulets of water ran through the hair on his chest, down a sinewy torso...

Prince William
Does Prince William carry himself like Detective Lewis. Or does Rafe carry himself like a prince?
Casting a real prince would be a splendid choice, indeed!

For the role of Fanny Greyville-Nugent:

Her backstory: Francine Greyville-Nugent was raised by her widowed father, a brilliant inventor and busy industrialist. When he bought the estate next to the St. Aldwyn's, Fanny became friendly with both two boys next door––particularly Rafe, the youngest son of the Earl. Years later, when rumors of an engagement between Fanny ad Rafe surfaced, no one was surprised, in fact, it was expected.

Her personality: As the story opens her father is dead, killed in a grisly accident involving new  threshing machine. Heartbroken and still in mourning, Fanny is nevertheless determined to carry on with Greyville-Nugent Enterprises. She is a progressive suffragist as well as an engineer in her own right. She is darling to look at, quick tempered, and somewhat protective of a vulnerable, generous heart.

Helen Bonham-Carter
Helen is too mature to play Fanny, but her character Lucy Honeychurch is perfect for the role.
She's the spitting image of Fanny and has a feisty, tomboyish quality.

Keira Knightly
Keira would bring beauty and wit to the role and she could definitely go toe to toe with Detective Lewis.

Kate Winslet
Kate's character of Rose from Titanic would be a vulnerable, softer Fanny with an underlying strength, and resilience.

Carey Mulligan
She's fascinating in every role she plays. I would love to see her take on Fanny. 

Emma Watson
Emma is a fresh, young choice. And she is so Fanny in every way! 

So now its up to commenters, I mean casting directors! Please share your thoughts on casting the lead roles in A DANGEROUS LIAISON WITH DETECTIVE LEWIS. Your casting choices are not limited to the photos here, if you have other ideas––please share! I love to have readers participate in these casting blogs. I have a signed copy one lucky casting director, chosen at random.

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  1. For Rafe - I Like Henry Cavil or Orlando Bloom. For Fanny - Keira Knightly


    1. HI Tammy,

      Henry and Kira would be an interesting combination. He could do the nice guy hiding beneath the rakish facade really well, and Kira is strong enough to not let him get away with much!

  2. First off, let me say, I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Love the cover. I think Wentworth Miller would be a good choice for Rafe, except I've never seen a picture of him with a full head of hair. And Rafe needs hair, lots of beautiful hair! Therefore, my vote goes to Henry Cavil. He's perfect for the part. Don't know much about Emma Watson, but if you think she's good for the part, my vote is for her.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

    1. Wentworth Miller could play two roles in this novel, but I can say no more as I don't wish to be a spoiler! I though he was so interesting in Prison Break. Quiet, intense with this warm side he never let out much.

      Emma Watson needs a young adult role that will let her grow up once and for all and I think she would do Fanny justice.

  3. For Rafe most definitely Henry Cavil. He's so yummy and make a fine detective. For Fanny Kiera Knightley. Oh yes I can see it now.


  4. I have to read the book before I can cast it. While I'm reading a book I usually picture someone in the roles.

    1. When I begin writing a new story, I have a voice and personality in mind, but each character is usually a melange of different actors. Then gradually as I go deeper into the story, the character takes on an original look all his or her own.

  5. Hey Jillian and other "casters".

    I could definitely see Kira and Henry C.
    Maybe we should tell them to take the project. :-)


  6. Oh be still my heart, first you give me a picture of Henry Cavil (who I have fallen in love with ever since The Tudors) and then Wentworth Miller! I could not possibly choose between the two, I love them both. Though when I was first reading your description Matthew Fox popped into my mind.
    As for Fanny, I like your option of Emma. She seems to fill that role perfectly.
    This was fun!

    1. Thanks Lexi!

      I'm feeling your palpitations...'tis a hard choice between Henry and Wentworth. They each bring a different vibe to the role, but they are both equally dashing. men. So hard to choose! And Emma Watson would make a terrific Fanny.

  7. Henry Cavill (two "L's", not one) always makes my pulse race. I loved him in The Tudors, and I'm rooting for him for the role of "Christian Grey". I think that he would make an amazing Rafe. He's tall, dark, handsome and very sexy. For the part of Fanny, then I think Kiera, Kate or me would be ideal. LOL

    Thank you for another opportunity to win. I really, really would love to read this.

    1. I always spell his name wrong. First I kept wanting to put an e on the end of Caville (note the two "Ls:") Now I dropped the e and an"L" along with it. And Kira instead of Keira...I really have to stop posting at two in the morning! Lol!

      You know I hear that he's the front runner for Christian Grey but I honestly don't see it in his essence as an actor. He's just not edgy enough, no matter how hard he tries. That might come with age, and we'll see how he does with Superman. On the other hand, if Henry could make you believe he has a red room of pain...it could be stunning.

      Keira seems to be his chosen partner for Fanny.

  8. Nice choices. Maybe Henry Cavill and Keira Knightley


    1. If we were casting A DANGEROUS LIAISON WITH DETECTIVE LEWIS by majority vote, Henry an Keira win hands down!

  9. Henry Cavil and Emma Watson. I'd love to see that match!!

    1. Hi LilMissMolly,.

      So it's either Henry with Keira or Henry and Emma. He's such a lucky man!

  10. I like Henry Cavil for almost everything! :) Love Kate Winslet too. :) She's my favorite actress!

    1. Hi May,

      Great choices. If I do this casting thing again, I think I'm going to either give you all funnier choices or harder ones!

  11. I choose Henry Cavill with Kate Winslet :)

  12. Gosh, you all really love Henry, and who can resist him! There are aspects of Kate's Rose from Titanic, like her adventurous side, that remind me of Fanny.

  13. How about Mila Kunis or Julianne Hough - and/or - Yannick Bisson (male lead of Sue Thomas FBEye television show) or Justin Bruening (male lead of 2008 Knight Rider series?
    seytype at hotmail dot com

    1. Ohh, I think Mila Kunis is lovely, but I'd like to reserve her for an undercover operative role like the one coming up in A PRIVATE DUEL WITH AGENT GUNN. Plus she's athletic so I can also see her cast as a cat burglar and ballerina! Yannick and Justin are both interesting choices and a good fit for the daring Detective Lewis!

  14. WOOT! Congratulations to Diane D! You've won a signed copy of A DANGEROUS LIAISON WITH DETECTIVE LEWIS! Please contact me: gJillianStone@gmail.com