Meet Debut Author Jamie Wesley

Tell Me Something Good cover
Two radio show hosts. One show. Who will come out on top?
In a moment of restlessness, Tate Grayson sold his multimillion-dollar company and spun his love of sports into a radio talk show. Life, and love, is too short to take seriously—a fact he enjoys rubbing in uptight radio host Noelle Butler’s face.

After the death of her parents, a tragedy she blamed on herself, Noelle vowed to live a controlled, focused life. Now a psychologist, she channels her need for connection into her radio show. But when the arrogant sportscaster next door tells listeners men shouldn’t get married, she’s all too happy to yank the silver spoon out of his overprivileged mouth.

Their heated on-air arguments are a hit, but when the station director forces them to do a joint show for two weeks, Tate and Noelle object. They can’t stand each other, despite the attraction sizzling beneath every interaction. But if they can’t pull the struggling radio station back from the brink, they’ll lose their jobs. Or worse, their hearts.

EXCERPT: Tate held back a laugh. She wouldn’t be winning an Oscar any time soon. “You need to learn how to relax.”
The frown reappeared. “And you’re the one to teach me how, I take it.”
He leaned closer to her, catching a hint of the light, but alluring lavender fragrance she preferred. A preference he was beginning to share. “Oh, darlin’, you have no idea,” he drawled.
Her eyes widened, but she didn’t move away. Good. He liked a woman who held her ground.
“Don’t I?” The words were brassy, but the way she cleared her throat let him know she felt the heat, as unexpected as it was, throbbing between them.
“Imagine the best scenario you possibly can, and I guarantee I can make it ten times better.” The words spilled out without a thought. Yes, he liked to flirt, but what the hell was he doing flirting with Noelle, especially when he’d turned down Tammy and Alicia, women who were actually interested in him? Hadn’t he and Noelle tacitly agreed to never go there again after yesterday?
Her gaze slowly skimmed his body from head to toe, making him wish it was her pretty mouth making the tour with no clothes between her lips and his skin. “You sound awfully confident.”
“I never say anything I don’t mean.” Damn it. More unlicensed flirting.
“I’ll have to remember that. Now, let’s get to work.” She put on her headphones. “Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Tate and Noelle Show, better known as the TAN Show.”
Wait a second. Had he been dismissed? His body, which had hardened at her perusal, and was still clamoring for relief, refused to believe it.

Meet Jamie

I'm so excited for you all to meet my friend Jamie Wesley. She is one of the sweetest people I know and I'm so excited that her first book has come out this month!
Jamie Wesley

A little about Jamie. She has been reading romance novels since she was about 12 when her mother left a romance
novel, which a friend had given her, on the nightstand. Jamie read it instead, and the rest is history.

She started her first manuscript, a contemporary romance, after she graduated from Northwestern University in 2002 and couldn't find a job. Life got in the way as it often does, i.e. she found a job, and she didn't finish the story. However, she never forgot about it and finally got serious about completing it in 2009. She’s been writing ever since.
Jamie holds a master’s degree in sport management (yes, that's a real thing :-) ) from the University of Texas at Austin, so it probably comes as no surprise that she loves sports and spends an inordinate amount of time rooting for her hometown Dallas’s pro sports teams and her alma maters.

She also adores Walt Disney World, shopping, and pop culture. Want to know if your favorite TV show is going to be canceled or what the newest Disney attraction is? Ask Jamie. She'll probably know the answer.

CLOVER: How often to you get lost in a story?
JAMIE: Every time I read a book. I love romance and rooting for the heroine and the hero to get their stuff together and realize everything they’ve ever wanted and needed is RIGHT THERE!

CLOVER: Be honest, when reading...do you put yourself in the heroine’s role?
JAMIE: YES! What woman can’t use a hot guy who is all about doing whatever it takes to win her heart in her life? I know I can!

CLOVER: What do you do to unwind and relax?
JAMIE: Watch TV. Too much TV, but I like sports, dramas, comedies, and reality TV. That stuff is all on TV, so what am I supposed to do? Lol. I also spend too much on the Internet. Oh, and reading. No way I can forget that.

CLOVER: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
JAMIE: Can I have two? Dirty Dancing because of the love story, music and the dancing! Steel Magnolias because it makes me laugh and cry. I’m a sucker for 80s movies obviously.

CLOVER: Right? You can’t beat those older flicks.  So what are the next five books on your ‘to be read’ pile?
JAMIE: Jill Shalvis’ Always on My Mind (just started this one) and Once in a Lifetime. Candace Shaw’s Her Perfect Candidate. Kristen Callihan’s Winterblaze and Shadowdance. But really my TBR pile is beyond ridiculous. And yet I keep buying books because I LOVE them.

CLOVERS GOTTA ASK:  Describe an absolutely perfect day.
JAMIE’S GOTTA ANSWER:  Oh, wow. So much to do, but so little time. I’d love to spend the morning at Walt Disney World with the parks all to myself so I wouldn’t have to wait in line for any of my favorite rides. Then I’d eat lunch, have a massage, and find a beach to lie on and read a book. I’d end the day watching my one of my favorite sports teams win a championship in person. LOL. TOTALLY realistic.

CLOVER: Sounds like a great time. I’d love to come along with you!

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What do you have coming next for us? I’m working on the next book for Entangled that features a secondary character from TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD.

Jamie is offering an e-c0py of her book Tell Me Something Good in a drawing from anyone who answers these questions: What is your favorite movie? What do you love about it?

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  1. The Sound of Music. I watch it every year around Christmas (and whenever the fancy strikes me!) and I get lost in the story (yup, I said it!) of it all the time :)

    thebigbluewall77 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Anita,

      Thanks for stopping by! I LOVE The Sound of Music! *begins to sing the songs as she types*

  2. Congratulations on your book!

    I love princess bride. It is the one movie that o can watch over and over again.

    1. Hi May,

      Thank you! Another movie I absolutely adore! It also happens to be the favorite movie of my heroine in a book that hasn't been published yet. I'd forgotten about that until you mentioned it. lol.

  3. So excited to see this book in print. Congratulations Jamie.

    1. Thanks, Angi, for all your support over the years! *hugs*

  4. I like While You Were Sleeping because it is a funny romantic comedy. I can't wait to read this book!

  5. pride and prejudice for the story

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. That book seems to come up a lot when talking about favorite books! :)

  6. So happy to have you here with us today and learn more about you. Disney nut. Who knew?

    1. Hi, Clover! Yep, I love Walt Disney World. Going again soon, and I can't wait!

  7. Congrats on your book, Jamie!! My favorite movie would be A Few Good Men. I just love getting to the courtroom scene and shouting out the line "You can't handle the truth!" lol I'm a bit of a nerd that way!!

    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi Ada,

      Thanks! Who doesn't love "You can't handle the truth!" Such a great movie.

  8. Hi Jamie,

    What a wonderful picture of you! I don't have a favorite, but one of my favorites is The Princess Bride. I adore the wit, the acting, the romance, the bromance, the happy ever after, and the general tom foolery. Congrats on your book release! Can't wait to read it!

    1. Hi Gina!

      Thank you! The Princess Bride is pure greatness!

  9. Hi Jamie,

    What a wonderful picture of you! I don't have a favorite, but one of my favorites is The Princess Bride. I adore the wit, the acting, the romance, the bromance, the happy ever after, and the general tom foolery. Congrats on your book release! Can't wait to read it!

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  11. Just popping back in to say I drew KV H's name out of a bowl as the winner of my giveaway! Congrats! I'll be sending you an email!

    Thanks, everyone, for participating and the GLIAS ladies for having me!