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There are five full length, never before released novels, in our first Somewhere TX box set. All of the books are contemporary, cowboy themed and set in the fictional town of Somewhere TX. And the first box set is now on sale for only 99 cents!

The first story in the box set is mine, titled, The Cowboy Rock Star. Here’s the blurb and excerpt from my latest novel.

Everyone loves a rock star 

What country legend Brent Kane needs is a good old fashioned hook-up. With pressure to write his next album mounting and the sales from his latest album teetering, Brent needs to find his muse –hot sex with no commitment—fast. So when Brent holes up at his best friend’s ranch in Somewhere Texas to write his next single the last thing he expected was to find his muse in the form of his best friend’s little sister. 

DJ Diaz, the nonsense part owner of the Double D Ranch, is not at all affected by Brent’s good looks and play boy charm. She’s fallen once before and learned firsthand the heartache of loving a rock star. But spending time with the man who let her down ten years ago shows her that something’s missing from her life—fun. But will DJ be able to keep her heart from becoming involved in this “just for fun” relationship? And more importantly, will Brent? 

Here’s a little of it…

“You're leaving?” He meant for that to come out less astonished then it sounded, but he really was surprised. “You’re upset because I guessed the wrong drink? Give me another shot, please.” He added his best smile to seal the deal. “You’re a regular old beer gal. I think girls who drink beer are sexy.”
She put both her arms on the table and rested her chin in her hands. “Wait, are you really trying to pick me up?”
He got closer, covering half the distance between them while his heart rate kicked up to the next level. This was what he loved. He never felt more alive than when he was chasing his muse. “And are you really trying to play hard to get?”
Her face changed from disbelief to pure astonishment. “Oh, I'm playing, alright, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself so much. So let me ask you.”
She leaned in real close. Close enough that if Brent wanted to, he could kiss her. Was that what she wanted? He let his gaze fall to her mouth—damn, she had beautiful lips. She must have seen him staring, because she chose just that moment to lick them.
Easy boy. “Ask away, Sugar. To you, I'm an open book.”
There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes that was right up Brent’s alley. How did she know he loved mischievous? “Does that ‘let-me-guess-your-drink’ line ever work?”
All the time.
“I wouldn't know. You're the first I ever wanted to ask,” his voice the low, sexy rumble that he’d perfected when he sang his love songs.
“Wow, doesn't it bother your conscience to lie that easily?” Her tone sweet, with the airiness of cotton candy, but without the stomachache afterwards.
“I'd never lie to you, Sugar.”
“Somehow, I don't believe that.” The girl was quick, he’d give her that. It was taking everything he had to keep one step ahead of her.
“Believe this.” He took her hand and brought her ring finger up to his mouth and kissed it. “I see you don't have a ring. Can I assume you're unattached?”
She didn't pull away. He took that as a yes.
“And neither am I. What a wonderful coincidence, don't you think?”
She shook her head, her mouth slightly parted. “I'm speechless.”
“Here then, let me help.” He took her hand and flipped it palm up. Then took out the pen he kept around just for this reason. He carefully wrote his full name and number down.
She stared at the digits.
“Recognize the name?” he asked. This was his favorite part.
“Brent Kane. Should I?” He didn’t quite trust the sincerity in her voice, but he was nothing if not reckless.
“Ever hear of the songs, Girl, I Love You or It's Been A Long Time?”
She nodded, her face giving nothing away.
“Those are my songs.”
Wait for it.
“Oh.” Her hand came up to her chest.
Here it comes.
“Oh,” the word floated out of her mouth with an unseen exclamation point rising up from behind. “So you’re that country singer?”
He did that one sided smile that made his dimple show. “I prefer rock star, but yes, ma’am, I am.”
She pulled her hand away to examine the numbers more closely. “So this here’s a rock star's phone number on my hand? I have the chance to be a booty call for a living, breathing celebrity?”
Well, those wouldn't be the terms he would use, but women seemed more understanding of men these days. He touched the brim of his hat. “I'm here for a whole week.”
Her smile grew wide and her eyes narrowed dangerously as she lifted her hand, spit in it, and wiped her palm on his shirt sleeve. Then she got up from the table and walked away.
Brent gaped as she sashayed away from his booth and out of his life.
“Damn,” Derrek slapped his hand on the table. “I've never seen anything quite like that before.”
Neither had Brent. “I know.”
“Oh, bro,” Derrek said. “That girl just spit in her own hand to wipe your number off.”
Brent was at a total loss. He couldn't remember the last time a woman turned him down. “I know. I think I'm in love.”
KC KLEIN has lived most of her life with her head in the clouds and her nose buried in a book. She did stop reading long enough to make a home with a real life hero, for over twenty years. A mother of two girls, she spends her time slaying dragons, saving princesses, and championing the belief in the happily-ever-after. An award winning novelist, KC Klein is celebrating her latest release in the Somewhere TX series, The Cowboy Rock Star. KC loves to hear from readers and can be found desperately pounding away on her laptop in yoga pants and leopard slippers or more conveniently at www.kckleinbooks.com. To keep up with exciting book news and special promotions please sign up for her newsletter. 

ANGI: How often to you get lost in a story?
KC: More often than my family would like. If a few days have gone by without me “getting lost in a story” aka writing, I start to feel anxious and out of sorts. I start complaining to my husband and worrying in my sleep.

ANGI: What’s the first book you remember reading? 
KC: Judy Blume’s Super Fudge

ANGI: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met?
KC: As cheesy as it sounds, my husband. He’s so understanding about my writing (in the beginning that wasn’t the case) but now he takes the kids, even goes out of town with them so that I can have a writer’s weekend. He’s been my hero for almost 20 years.

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
KC: I like that they are honorable, but also very real. I’ve been told that I write the male POV very well and for me it’s fun to get inside the mind of a sexy cowboy, down on his luck space captain, or even war-hardened soldier. I grew up with two brothers and am the only girl, so writing men comes easy to me.

ANGI: Where do you read and how often?
KC: I usually read in the bathtub with a glass of wine. I don’t get to read as often as I used to, but I still try to make time for it. Reading is what feeds the soul of a writer. I find that I need to read outside of my genre and new-to-me authors in order to keep my creative juices flowing.

ANGI: What was the first story you remember writing?
KC: It was a historical romance. I never finished it. Barely remember what it was about, but it was my first attempt at fiction. My stories always have been at the heart, romances. That’s what I was born to write.

ANGI: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
KC: I love The Last of the Mohicans. The soundtrack is still my all-time favorite.

ANGI: What's your most favorite thing to do in your state?
KC: I live in AZ. So the best thing to do is not having to shovel snow.

ANGI: What is your biggest vice?
KC: Facebook

ANGI: How is it working with hot guys and sexy women all day?
KC: Awesome! Every time I write about falling in love, I feel like I’m falling in love. It’s great to experience that over and over again. I feel like I have the best of what life can offer. If I want adventure, drama, action, or romance it’s all at the tips of my fingers.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: Hey KC, since it’s almost New Year’s Eve…  What is the BEST New Year’s Eve moment you have!
KC’s GOTTA ANSWER: I’ve spent most of my New Year’s Eves staying at home writing. Most of the time I fall asleep before midnight and then am shocked when I get woken up by firecrackers and banging pots. J

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The Space Captain’s Courtesan

I wanted to let everyone know that the first book in my Texas Fever series is now on sale for a limited time for only $1.99 on all major platforms.

"A tortured hero, a love that defies distance and time...this is a book you won't soon forget." -Cat Johnson

Katie Harris loved growing up on a ranch. She had her horse, the beautiful Texas prairie, and Cole Logan, the cowboy next door. But there are a lot of secrets hidden under a Texas sky...

Katie always knew she'd marry Cole one day--until he broke her dreams and her heart. But now that Katie's father is sick, she's back home, older, wiser and nowhere near the love-sick fool she once was.

Cole knows Katie doesn't want anything to do with him. But after so many years, he can't pretend she's no more than a neighbor. Holding his ground was hard enough when she was seventeen. Now that she's her own woman, Cole's heart doesn't stand a chance...

"Passionate, gritty and fast paced...with a hot blooded, honorable hero to make every woman's knees go weak."--Diane Whiteside

READ a little . . .
Katie watched as Cole slowly turned, and at the sight of his bare chest, smooth and ripped with muscle, she locked her knees to keep upright. Instead of his inviting smile, there was a hardness she rarely saw that contrasted with the desire in his eyes.

Cole stood and stared. The silence between them crackled as if a whole conversation could be said without words.

Her breathing quickened as her nipples contracted into small, tight buds, sensitive to the brush of the cotton across them. She refused to hide her body’s reaction even as a flush of heat rushed to her cheeks. She’d been waiting all of her life for this moment. She was tired of hiding. She was ready. Unashamed, she gazed in his eyes and let the wealth of her feelings pour into her face.

Cole was no coward—he returned stare for stare—but she could see his jaw flex and knew he was pissed. She’d pushed him hard, but this was where the women separated themselves from the girls.

“I’m not a child any longer.” She took a step closer.

“And I told you, if you wear that shirt again, I’ll burn it,” he growled.

But Cole would have to do more than display a little anger to scare her. Before she lost courage, Katie crossed her arms and pulled.

She threw her shirt in his face, along with her challenge. “Go ahead and do it.”

KC is giving away one digital copy of Texas Sunrise! Just leave a comment to be 

KC is giving away one digital copy of Texas Sunrise! Just leave a comment to be eligible. Winner drawn on Jan 1st.

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