The Crew's New Year Goals!

Happy 2015!
We hope you all had a great New Year's Eve & Day. Today we thought we'd share with you our resolutions....oh, wait. I don't think the Crew members make resolutions. We "set goals" for the new year. So, here we go.....

I normally don’t make New Year “resolutions.”  I do have goals, both personal and as a writer. I’ve taken several weeks off from the writing, so getting back into the swing of things does coincide with the first of the year in 2015. I have four contracted books to write this year. A new Texas Ranger series for Harlequin Intrigue (2016 releases) that I’m very excited about. I also want to release more novellas in my Bodyguards in Heels series. 

Yep, that’s a lot of writing that will require some daily goal meeting. 

On the personal front, my goal is not to neglect my health. Exercise and eating healthy. A must in 2015. Period. No resolution…it’s a commitment that I can’t afford not to keep.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody !

PS: My new #wTXwatchmen series begins this month with THE SHERIFF, followed by THE CATTLEMAN and then THE RANGER.  Now available.

I have 2 "resolutions" that I really want to follow through on. 1st one is lose weight! I really do need to drop a chunk of pounds. I don't have major health problems yet, but I know they'll be coming if I don't do something now. Plus, I feel so much better, physically and mentally, when I'm in better shape. #2? I want to remember to document all the positive things that go on in my life throughout the year. I want to write them down and put the papers in a container. Then next New Year's Eve I can open the container & relive all the wonderful things that happened in my year!

1 positive thing that will be happening soon? The release of my next book, Chasing Gold! Two treasure hunters both trying to prove something as they wander the Scottish Highlands. Can they learn to work as a team before someone destroys all they've worked for? 

Normally, I don't make resolutions because like most of us, I don't do them. But one thing I have to do is cut back on chocolate. I especially love the Hershey drops. For a while, I paid myself a dollar a day if I did without then went to the dark side again. Sigh.
Temporarily Employed is my romantic comedy mystery and here's a little tease to tickle you: New job. New love. And murder. Desperate for cash to cover the basic necessities, Hattie Cooks takes a temporary job at Buy Rite insurance company where she uncovers an embezzling scam tied to the death of a former employee--the very one she replaced.

Find Temporarily Employed at The Wild Rose Press, other e-retailers. Available at Amazon.

Last year, I set high goals for myself, didn't reach them and got very depressed. So this year I'm setting a few resolutions that I hope will help me find my way down that yellow brick road.

I resolve this year to:

Find my courage
Use my brain
Trust my heart
Have faith

As for hard goals in 2015, I'm still working on those. 

My recent release, A Dangerous Passion, is the latest book in the series, Steam! Romance and Rails. 

There are three books in this series, and recently someone asked in what order they should be read. Actually, you could read them in just about any order because each book can stand alone. But if you like reading in an "orderly" fashion, here's my recommendation.

Start with Her Bodyguard...  
A wanted man can't protect both his past and the woman who's stolen his heart. But to reveal his deceit could cost him his life.

This book and the next are what I call "companion books" because they're set against the same historical event -- a cutthroat railroad race -- but take differing perspectives through the eyes of characters involved with competing railroads. 

Passion's Prize

Amidst a cutthroat competition, three women whose lives hang in the balance face impossible choices... 
A spy whose loyalties are tested.
A soiled dove who can't trust anyone.
A railroad heiress whose heart is stolen by an enemy. 

This collection of novellas reads like a novel in three parts. It was conceived that way by me, Jennifer Jakes and Jacqui Nelson. In 2010, we were all finalists in the historical category of the RWA's Golden Heart®, and our mutual love of Western historical romance brought us back together to write this book.

A Dangerous Passion
This book pretty much picks up where Passion's Prize left off, but this time from the perspective of the "bad guy"...

Can a hero lurk in the heart of a villain? That's the question an adventure-seeking woman must answer when she dares to unmask an ambitious railroad chief suspected of crimes that might even include murder.

Download all three books through Amazon or other retail channels (links provided at my website).   

There are more books to come in this series, but I can't tell you about them because I haven't written them yet! I'm also working on two manuscripts for another series and a historical documentary (which may take several years to complete).

In between...with all my spare time...I plan to get in better shape! I'm sagging in places I didn't even know could sag. :) 

Sadly, I never learned to stay away from resolutions--I do make them every year. Some I've kept and they've served me well over the years. Others are annual resolution "friends"--like eating less chocolate and sugar and exercising more. I started out January 1st successfully with a special double-long (i.e., 90 minute) spinning class at my local "Y" and I didn't eat a drop of sugar. Woot! One day in a row! 

As for other goals, they center this year around self-discipline and self-motivation. I, too, have a lot of deadlines to meet and I'm already behind. I'm working on a brand new series for Avon that will be called Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys (even though-spoiler-not all the heroes are pure cowboy). The first is nearly done and is due to my wonderful editor by January 15th. The second is due March 15th (don't ask me if it's started yet). The third is tentatively due May 15th (bwahahaha!).  And these are just the first three in a series of seven books.

Can you tell my resolutions for 2015 to up my daily word counts and treat my writing like a full-time job aren't negotiable?  Oh, and one more big goal:  getting more sleep. I am a pathetic night owl, and I rarely get eight solid hours. At my advancing age, sadly, this no longer flies. 

So, dear GLIAS readers--I invite you to watch for pre-release info for my next new book tentatively titled "The Bride Wore Denim. Visit my Website and sign up for my newsletter. And I'll let you know all the deets as I get them. And I'll pray for YOUR resolutions if you'll pray for mine. LOLOL. Happy, happy New Year everyone!!

Ok, readers! Time to 'fess up! Do you make resolutions?
If you do, what is one of yours for 2015?

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  2. Love the resolutions everyone. You inspired me, actually. :-) But. I miss my chocolate already :-(

  3. I'm getting grumbly about cutting back on chocolate. lol