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My friend, Kathy Ivan, has been writing like crazy and has published THREE books!
Let's get to know her:

Kathy Ivan spent most of her life with her nose between the pages of a book. From best-selling authors to just-getting-started writers, as long as it was a good story, she devoured it and happily searched for the next romance novel. Kathy turned her obsession with reading into the next logical step, writing. Her books transport you from a paranormal lodge in the Colorado Mountains in her Destiny's Desire Series, to the sultry splendor of the French Quarter in New Orleans in her award winning romantic suspense and mysteries. Kathy tells stories people can’t get enough of; reuniting old loves, betrayal of trust, finding kidnapped children, psychics and even a ghost or two. But one thing they all have in common - love (and some pretty steamy sex scenes too).

 New Orleans Connection Series

Jennifer "Jinx" Marucci witnesses her brother's shooting and the leader of New Orleans' Russian mob thinks her brother, Carlo, passed something valuable into her keeping—and demands its return.  Every instinct tells her to trust no one, but what choice does she have except to turn to the police? 

Detective Remy Lamoreaux can't believe his luck when Jinx walks through the doors of the New Orleans Police Department.  He's tried for years to bring down Vladimir Dubshenko.  Fate has finally handed him the opportunity to go head-to-head with the vicious mobster and lock him up for good before Jinx becomes one more casualty in Dubshenko's lust for power. 

Intrigue, kidnapping and danger combine to keep Remy and Jinx constantly on the move.  One thing is certain—if they stop running, they die.

"Jennifer, stop right now.  Do not make me hurt you.  Come with me and I will explain everything." 

His quiet voice had Jinx running even harder away from both of the men.  Explain.  Yeah right.  He gets his hands on me, I am one dead chickie.  I saw him commit murder.  He knows I'll testify against him.  No way he'll let me live.

By now, her feet were a torn mass of open cuts and she was sure they were embedded with heaven only knows what, but she'd worry about that later.  Fortunately, since buying her little cottage she'd taken many nature walks through these woods and she was familiar with them, knew where the best ins and outs and hidey-holes were.  A few more yards and she'd be home free.  Dubshenko wouldn't dare shoot at her out in public where any of her neighbors might hear it and come and investigate, or better yet call the police.  But then again, he'd already killed Carlo, maybe he wouldn't think twice about killing anybody else who got in his way. 

Riding high on an adrenalin-induced burst of speed, she raced across the open alleyway and into the relative darkness of the trees.  She didn't dare stop to look behind her, still running.  Think, Jinx, where's the best hiding place close by?  Get out of sight.  About fifty yards in, there was a fallen over tree lying in a small dried up creek bed.  She could hide behind it, wait for it to get full dark and then outwait them.

She heard Dubshenko at the edge of the alley calling her name.  The fear-laced rush of adrenalin was wearing off, and the reality of the evening's events started sinking in. 

Her brother was dead.  Murdered by one of the biggest Russian mafia leaders in the state.  He ruled New Orleans seedy underbelly from everything she'd heard.  He wouldn't stop looking for her.  There really wasn't much choice.  She'd have to go to the cops.  Trusting the police—not the best option—but she'd tell them everything she knew so they could at least start an investigation.  After that, she'd do the one thing she was good at.  The one thing she'd been doing her entire life. 


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I twisted Kathy's arm (LOL) and she agreed to answer these few questions:

Vicki:  I’m a huge handbag girl. What is your favorite accessory?  Kathy, Sorry, Vicki, but handbags have never been my 'thing.'  I'm more into jewelry.  I have an entire jewelry armoire filled with pieces I've picked up or that have been hand-crafted for me by my very talented sister.  Love finding just the right piece or pieces to go with an outfit.  A special necklace or pair or earrings or even the perfect bracelet can totally make an outfit look sleek and polished.  Vicki: Mary is quite talented!

 Vicki: How often to you get lost in a story? Kathy: Every single day.  I can get lost in the story that I'm writing, and it plays out as a movie in my head and I'm watching the people.  I also make a point of trying to read every night.  Immersing myself in a good book helps me to relax from a stressful day, so you'll almost always find me with my Kindle propped up in bed reading before I go to sleep. 

Vicki: What’s your favorite “love” word? Kathy: Romance.  Unfortunately I think a lot of romance has been lost today because we live in such a busy world.  It's not always about spending a bunch of money and trying to woo the girl.  It's about remembering to stay I love you.  Picking up (or making) a card to remember a special occasion, like the anniversary of your first date.  Putting a piece of candy on you love's pillow so they find it before they lay down their head.  It's remembering to do some little thing, as simple as opening the car door that helps keep the romance and the intimacy alive.

Vicki: What sound or noise do you love? Kathy: I love to listen to the rain.  There's something so very soothing about it. 

Vicki: What is your biggest vice?  Kathy: Chocolate.  Without a doubt—chocolate.  Vicki: Did I tell you I haven’t eaten chocolate in two weeks?

Vicki: Is there a “Blooper” in your story (it may have been changed before printing)? Kathy: Well, it's not really a blooper, but it's become something of a running joke.  So far there are five books in the New Orleans Connection Series, and in three of them Remy somehow ends up being shot (always off duty – he's a detective). 

Vicki: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans?  Kathy: Never give up on your dreams.  We all have that secret yearning inside – never say anything is impossible.  I've wanted to write for many years, but had to work a very stressful day job to pay the bills.  Right?  We all have to sacrifice in this day and age.  But never let your dreams die – there's always the chance that your dreams can come true. 

Vicki: Do you write while listening to music? If so what kind? Kathy: No, I wish I could because I love music.  But I need total quiet when I'm writing.  But when I do listen to music, it's almost always Country. 

Vicki: If you couldn’t be a writer anymore, what profession would you take up? Kathy: Um, can I be a professional reader?  LOL

Vicki: Which of your characters would you most/least to invite to dinner, and why?  Kathy: Remy Lamoreaux.  Remy has been a favorite of mine from the very beginning of this series, and he's just pushy enough that he's made his way into every single book in the New Orleans Connection Series.  He's a bit of a flirt and loves women but he's also protective, kind, and funny.  Yep, I'd definitely choose Remy. 

Vicki: What three things are, at this moment, in your heroine’s purse, satchel, reticule, weapons belt or amulet bag (whatever she carries)? Kathy:  Emergency stash – I always carry an extra twenty dollars for emergencies that's not in my wallet, so if something happens, I've at least got a few bucks, so she'd carry extra too.  Tweezers though I have no idea why, but I carry a pair so I'd give my heroine some and find a way for her to use them.  Swiss Army knife, because my heroine wants to be prepared for anything.

Vicki: What will always make you smile, even on a bad day?  Kathy: Talking with my friends.

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UP NEXT: I'm currently working on the next book in the New Orleans series (Carpenter's book) and also working on a series of four contemporary romance novellas set in Las Vegas.

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  1. Good morning, my friend, and congratulations on your three-some!

  2. Thanks, Vicki! I'm having so much fun with my writing these days, and loving the New Orleans Connection series. And, seriously my threesome? I may write hot, but... LOL

  3. Oh my... your character Remy has been shot 3 times among 5 books... ouch!
    For me, I find new to me authors mostly from blogs like this one... sometimes word of mouth. Thanks for sharing! :) greenshamrock at cox dot net

    1. Hi Colleen

      Thanks for stopping by. I adore Remy and wouldn't ever do anything to really hurt him. He just tends to get himself in situations that are dangerous and he's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. But he totally saves the day, which makes everything work out in the end and he gets his happily ever after too.

  4. usually Amazon

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. Hi bn100

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing a a few minutes with me today. And for letting me know that you find books on Amazon.

  5. Wonderful getting to meet new to me authors! I love the covers of your books!

  6. Thanks Melissa! So happy you dropped by. I was very fortunate and blessed with the covers I've got. We worked hard on them, trying to make them just right.

    Being a huge reader myself, I love meeting new writers and I'm always on the lookout for great books.

    Welcome to GLIAS and best of luck with the new release !

  8. Thanks for having me here, Angi. The release has been a whirlwind because I put out three books all on the same day. Totally CRAZY!

  9. Fantastic excerpt, Kathy ... can't wait to tear through the series!