Get Lost in Medieval Scotland with Regan Walker!

In a land of mountains and mists, there once lived a rough warrior king and his fair-haired ladylove, a queen so devout she had once thought to take vows to become a nun. But that was before Malcolm, King of the Scots, glimpsed her and instantly fell in love. 

Margaret and Malcolm were the proverbial beauty and the beast and a true love match. 

To their court in Dunfermline flocked the mighty men of valor who had faced down William the Conqueror, Northmen from the Orkneys, an Irish nobleman from Leinster and a Welsh bard. Oh yes, and a Northumbrian warrior, who was gravely wounded fighting with the rebels in York. 

Once an English thegn's son, Steinar of Talisand, now serves as scribe to the unlettered King of Scots, while secretly regaining his skills with a sword.

Against this backdrop enters a Scottish nobleman’s orphaned daughter, a flame-haired beauty, who will become one of Queen Margaret’s ladies-in-waiting, and the woman all the warriors want for their own.

It’s Rebel Warrior, book 3 in the Medieval Warriors series. And it’s on Amazon now for preorder, releasing May 17.

This is my first novel set in Scotland. Why, you might ask, did I go there? Well, first the history took me there. With all the Anglo-Saxons fleeing north when their country was overrun with rampaging Normans, Scotland had to be interesting, right? And then in 1072, the year of my story, the Conqueror invaded Scotland. I could hardly fail to note that. So take a plunge into the Scotland of the past… where your destiny lies far from where you began.

“Master storytelling transports you to medieval Scotland!”
         Paula Quinn, NY Times Bestselling Author

Scotland 1072

The Norman Conqueror robbed Steinar of Talisand of his noble father and his lands, forcing him to flee to Scotland while still recovering from a devastating wound. At the royal court, Steinar becomes scribe to the unlettered King of Scots while secretly regaining his skill with a sword.

The first time Steinar glimpses the flame-haired maiden, Catrìona of the Vale of Leven, he is drawn to her spirited beauty. She does not fit among the ladies who serve the devout queen. Not pious, not obedient and not given to stitchery, the firebrand flies a falcon! Though Catrìona captures Steinar’s attention, he is only a scribe and she is promised to another.

Catrìona has come to Malcolm’s court wounded in spirit from the vicious attack on her home by Northmen who slayed her parents and her people. But that is not all she will suffer. The man she thought to wed will soon betray her.

When all is lost, what hope is there for love? Can a broken heart be mended? Can a damaged soul be healed?
Read an excerpt:

“Here,” he said reaching toward her, “take my hand and allow me to help you out.”
There was fire in her eyes but she took his hand while holding on to her shoes, soaked with water.
He pulled her from the stream, sodden and shivering. It was the first time they had touched and, even dripping wet, the feel of her skin caused a surge of desire to course through him. The wet gown clung to her body, revealing her nipples hardened to small buds and her curves in vivid detail. Wet, she was even more alluring than before. He wanted to pull her close, to feel her softness, but instead, he merely steadied her with his hands. “Did you not see the moss that grows on the log? ’Tis quite apparent.”
Her brow furrowed. “You might have warned me.”
“You fell before I could.”
Wiping water from her face, she looked up at him. Her eyes were the green of the forest around them. Light filtering through the trees added a soft glow to her pale, damp skin. His gaze dropped to her lips, the color of wild roses. He ached to kiss them.
Bending his head, he moved his lips closer to hers.
Water suddenly dripped from her hair onto her nose, causing her to sniff and step back.
Still holding her shoes in one hand, she shivered. “I… I must look a mess.”
“Indeed not, but you are pale.” Recognizing her predicament, he said, “I wear no cloak to offer you, but I can give you the heat of my body.” Taking the shoes she carried and dropping them to the ground, he pulled her into his arms and held her against his chest, ignoring the water soaking into his tunic. Her breasts pressed into his chest, warming him as his body responded to the nearness of the woman he could not dismiss from his thoughts.

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Rebel Warrior on Amazon:  US and UK 

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Regan Walker is an award-winning, bestselling author of Regency, Georgian and Medieval romances. She has five times been featured on USA TODAY's HEA blog and four times nominated for the prestigious RONE award (her novel, The Red Wolf's Prize, book 1 in the Medieval Warriors series, won Best Historical Novel for 2015 in the medieval category). Regan writes historically authentic novels where history is a character. Her readers experience not only history but adventure and love.

What readers say…

"No one writes like Regan Walker. She effortlessly weaves historical facts into her fictional stories. You can absolutely feel her passion for her craft as she tells her tales, whether on the high seas of the English Channel, or on the cobble stone streets of London or Paris. Her stories ring true, whether it’s the sound of the ocean, the smells in the air or the character’s feelings. Her world building is phenomenal. There is political intrigue and a bit of mystery and a beautifully developed romance!" 
                                                                             —The Reading Cafe


  1. Thanks so much, Angi! I am excited about my first story set in Scotland.