Go Out on a Limb with a Kindle World novella from Lizbeth Selvig

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Hi GLIAS Friends!
I’m so excited to get to spend three days with you this week so I can tell you all about my newest project, “Going Out on a Limb.”

It sounds like a simple new book release, right? But there’s so much more to this special new book—it has the power of Erin Nicholas and her NY Times Bestselling Sapphire Falls behind it. It’s also only one of twelve brand new Sapphire Falls stories that will all be available starting this Thursday.

In addition—it’s part of the Kindle Worlds family. That means it has the blessing of some pretty big guns at Amazon. So exciting!

For those not familiar with Amazon’s KindleWorlds family, I’d like to introduce you to a little information about the program. Kindle Worlds were created and named by Amazon, as a way for fans of large and/or popular book series to write their own stories to their favorite “worlds.” 
Click on the logo to check out some of the many worlds that already exist:
Since Amazon licenses the worlds and all the stories all KW stories are exclusive to Amazon/Kindle and the U.S. Amazon store.

Anyone who doesn’t already have a Kindle, can download the FREE Kindle app on their phone, iPad, tablet, computer or other device and can then get these stories! Erin Nicholas, who created the Sapphire Falls series has also found workarounds for readers with devices that don’t support a Kindle app and for readers in other countries.

The Kindle Apps can be found on the Amazon website or your app store
And you can find Erin’s workaround guide right here 

Now that you know more about Kindle Worlds, let me introduce you to my book! 

“Going Out on a Limb” Is a crossover story between my novel “The Bride Wore Red Boots,” and Erin’s Sapphire Falls books. “Out on a Limb” stars a minor character from “Boots”—Jason “Jace” Brewster who moves from Wyoming to Sapphire Falls in order to find a new path in life. He doesn’t intend to stay—but then he meets Miranda Reynolds—and his "new path" takes a big twist!
Read the blurb from “Going Out on a Limb.”

Jace Brewster never wanted to leave his small home town of Wolf Paw Pass, Wyoming. But since his life changed drastically after suffering a traumatic brain injury in Iraq, he has to find a new path for the future. Working with a master carpenter in Sapphire Falls, Nebraska is merely a means to an end. He plans to stay a few short months and go right back home.
He’s also scheduled to meet with a new therapist and continue the progress he’s made since his time in the army, but it’s just one more thing he doesn’t believe he needs.
Psychiatrist Miranda “Miri” Reynolds has a growing practice in Sapphire Falls, and she’s more than ready to help her newest patient continue healing. She doesn’t count on meeting Jace far from her office on a rainy Sapphire Falls festival morning,
where their reaction to each other is anything but professional.
The two of them try to brush aside their feelings, but a mustang mare, a twelve-year-old niece, and too many hot sparks to ignore make that all but impossible. By the time Jace does make it to Miri’s office, it’s clear they need each other’s help—but it’s far from the kind either expected.

Tomorrow I’ll share some story excerpts, and talk about the crossover with “The Bride Wore Red Boots.” 

Today, however, I have some surprise Sapphire Falls KW swag to give away. I’d love to know:  if you could write a storiy for any series, TV show, or movie you’ve seen, what would it be? In other words—what series could turn you into a fan fic writer? This giveaway is for national and international--so let's visit!



  1. Looks like another lovely read !

    1. Thanks, Angi. Something different for me: short!! I hope everyone enjoys it.

  2. I have a great imagination... just not the ability to put it down in writing... I would write for a show that I enjoyed, but was cancelled... give myself a satisfying ending! :)
    Thanks for sharing! greenshamrock ATcoxDOTnet :)

    1. I know what you mean about choosing a show that didn't have a satisfying ending. I'm not sure what I'd choose myself--something with someone handsome in it :-) Thanks for coming by today!

  3. Wonderful post, Lizbeth! Can't wait to read Going Out on a Limb ;).
    I'm so excited to get to be part of the Sapphire Falls Kindle World launch, too, with my novella Going For It. And it's going to be such fun to share all of these new releases with our readers. Erin Nicholas created a delightful world in Sapphire Falls, and it's been a blast getting to play around in it these last few months!!

    1. Hi Marilyn! It's so cool that you stopped by today. I love the title Going For It -- I can't wait to read your new story, too! Wasn't it so much fun weaving little details from Erin's wonderful books into yours? Thanks for being here!

  4. no idea

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  5. I think the idea of worlds and novellas is great! I think a series that would turn me into a fan-fic writer would be an old show called Homefront, about WWII. It didn't run very long and I feel there would be more to tell!

    1. Hi Holdenj - I remember when that series was on, but I never watched it. I would love it if you'd write some more to get me into the series :-) LOL -- great idea. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. i would want to write a story for When Calls the Heart. It's a show on the Halmark channel.
    Love your books! Thanks for the chance!

  7. I'd like to write for NCIS or NCIS LA. I don't if I could, but I'd like to try. Love Gibbs!

  8. So excited you're joining Erin's Sapphire Falls Kindle World! I think it would be so much fun to write a series for Survivor, I think I can come up with some devious challenges and blindsides!
    ahui89 at hotmail dot com

  9. LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I am sooo not a writer, HUGE reader for sure!! Math is my gig.