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I became fast friends with my lovely guest today because of...her boots. No kidding. I was at the 2014 Romantic Times convention, saw her boots and had to have a picture. And then of course, she's a NYTimes best-selling author, so you know the writing is terrific. She's here this weekend with a wonderful giveaway and to let us know about her upcoming releases. (YAY!)

Four-Book Box Set

Do you like your romance with loyal cowboys? Or maybe some sexy hard-bodied spirits? How about naked hunks who worship women? Why choose? This set of four, first-in-series books, has it all. COWBOYS NEVER FOLD follows a cowboy in his effort to discover who is sabotaging a new nudist resort owned by a very hot lady. PLEASURES OF CHRISTMAS PAST has a longtime Scottish Romeo spirit teaming up with a new female spirit from America to help a young widow appreciate her past. In CHRISTMAS WITH ANGEL, a cowboy firefighter learns what’s truly important at Christmas when his fiancée rides into danger. And in CRUISE INTO EDEN, a sci-fi addict takes a nude cruise and meets two well-muscled men who are out of this world…literally. Each sexy romance with a “whole lotta story” is inspired by a classic and though part of a series, each has its own happily ever after.


LEXI POST is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of sensuous romance inspired by the classics. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the literature she loved while reading her favorite romance authors. It wasn’t long before she decided to marry her two first loves. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a steamy read with a “whole lotta story.”

Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

You can sign up for her monthly newsletter and giveaway.

Lexi with the Jack Reacher look-alike winner 
ANGI: Hugh Jackman or Chris Pine?
LEXI: Hugh Jackman!!!
ANGI: Well, what about the Jack Reacher look-alike winner?

ANGI: What’s your favorite meal?
LEXI: My homemade ice cream for breakfast.

ANGI: What do you like about the hero of your book?
LEXI: This boxed set has 4 heroes so I have 2 cowboys, 1 spirit of Christmas Past, and two men who are out of this world to choose from. What I like about all of them is that they love and respect their woman and will protect her at all costs.

ANGI: Sand or Snow?
LEXI: Sand…always J I’m a warm weather girl. Anything below eighty degrees is cold.

ANGI: Prince Charming or the Beast?
LEXI: Is that a trick question? I’d have to say the beast who was Prince charming and just needs the right woman to love him for who he is.

ANGI: What’s your favorite rerun on television?
LEXI: Honestly, I don’t even have time for new run television, so I’m not sure what would be considered reruns today   J

ANGI: What drinks or snacks are always on your desk when you’re writing?
LEXI: Hot tea, which grows cold and then I microwave it about five more times before I finish it   J

ANGI: Who’s your favorite villain?
LEXI: Loki.

ANGI: Hiking Boots or Dancing Heels?
LEXI: Dancing heels.

ANGI: Are you a Star Wars fan? Favorite thing about the reboot?
LEXI: I haven’t seen the reboot. I don’t get out much.

ANGI’S GOTTA ASK: What’s one thing from your bucket list?
LEXI’S GOTTA ANSWER:  A Mediterranean Cruise which I finally took in 2014. It was amazing!

A Christmas Carol 
Read a little, Buy the book

Kentucky born and bred Coco Baker has just been given the assignment of her spirit guide career, but she’s forced to partner with a Scottish upper class snob who thinks he knows what’s best for their living client. Despite him, she’s determined to do well on this case and find out what the arrogant man is hiding. Unfortunately, she discovers that sometimes not knowing is betterfor everyone.

Releasing early November

Last Chance #3
Read a little, Buy the book

High pitched whining followed by someone running down the hall upstairs made it clear her apartment building was on fire. The three-story building was at least a hundred years old, one of the reasons she moved into it, but it would go up like a tinder box.

Stay calm. Nothing ever came of panicking. It’s no different than the time you were on that cliff with the baby deer.

She turned on her lamp before running through her bedroom. As she rounded the corner into her tiny vestibule, she hit her bare thigh on the small table against the wall. Stupid thing. Rubbing her leg, she finally reached her apartment door. She unlocked both locks and pulled it open.

Smoke billowed in, smothering all her senses before she slammed the door shut, coughing as the foreign matter filled her lungs. Not good.

Quickly, she ran into the kitchen, grabbed the hand towel and soaked it with water. She brought it to her face and hurried back to her door.

Here goes nothing.

As she opened the door, smoke streamed in and she dropped into a crouch. Stay low. Remember the barn fire in Maryland. Smoke rises. After the initial billow, she found she could stand without too much smoke. Looking up, she froze.

Hell. I’m in hell. Black smoke covered the hallway ceiling, billowing like an upside down wave, slowly lowering. Yellow flickers lit it sporadically like heat lightning in the clouds on a summer evening.


Kat closed the door to her room and leaned against it. Her heart raced so fast it could beat a squirrel up a tree. Licking her lips, she closed her eyes. Braeden’s kiss brought back all those wonderful feelings she used to have with Brom. The ones where her toes curled inside her buckle shoes and her body quivered.

She crossed her arms over her stomach. She hadn’t had those with anyone else since. Not even slightly. What was she going to do? She’d been desperate to get away, and now he would be staying the night. She opened her eyes. Staying in her room. Oh Lord.
Moving to her chest at the end of the bed, she pulled out a pillow and threw it on the floor. She’d already changed the sheets because he was supposed to leave. It had been so hard not to bury her face in his unique scent. It reminded her of the forest after a rainstorm, musky, comforting, making her want to snuggle in for a winter hibernation.
Ugh, what was she thinking? He was Stephen’s brother, a Newtimer, and he would leave tomorrow.

Oh no. The village would be long gone by then. What would happen to Braeden then? She glanced toward the door, listening to the floorboards creak under his weight. Quickly, she pulled her quilt from the chest and grabbed the pillow.

Too late.

The door opened and he ducked inside, obliterating the opening from her sight. He stood stock-still, studying her once again. The lantern light softened his features, proving how different he really appeared from Brom.

Straightening her shoulders, she stepped toward him. “Your room is all set. I’ll just make my bed in the parlor.”

He didn’t move, and she couldn’t go through the door unless he did.
“Braeden? You need to step aside for me to leave.”

“And what if I don’t want you to leave?”

Her breath caught in her throat as tingling sped from her head to her toes. She swallowed hard. “What do you mean?” She turned away to give herself a moment without looking at his handsome visage. “Did I forget something?”

The floor creaked behind her and she stepped forward to inspect the water pitcher. If he touched her again, she’d be lost. She turned to review the bed. “I assure you these are clean sheets.”

The door closed.

She spun and the quilt knocked the pitcher off the table onto the floor with a crash. “Oh no.” She knelt, suddenly wanting to cry, though the pitcher wasn’t anything special. In fact, it had a crack along the handle and was bound to break soon anyway.

“Come. It’s okay.” Braeden’s hands on her arms helped her to stand and sent fire through her already taut nerves.

Gently, he enveloped her in his arms. Her heart slowed as a feeling of rightness settled through her. With her face against his chest, she could hear his strong heartbeat.

“Kat.” The soft-spoken word came from deep within him and she met his gaze. “Don’t be mad at me.”

The loneliness she glimpsed in his eyes undid her. Before she could think about what she did, she hooked her hand around his neck and pulled him forward for a kiss.

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