2017 will hold a lot of new releases for the Crew of Get Lost in a Story. We welcome bestselling author, Amanda McIntyre.

I'm venturing into a new mash-up of genres: contemporary, comedic, suspensy with a splash of ESP-like gifts. I've loved writing them. But our big event this year is our daughter's wedding in May. Lots of prep and a wedding gown from Australia that is to die for. I'll be keeping you updated.

We're all so happy to bring your favorite authors and new-to-you authors back for our seventh year as a reader's blog.


A new series 
It’s high time this match-making, motorcycle-riding Grammy takes the love-lives of her grandchildren into her own hands and gives love a sweet kick in the right direction.

Seeing sparks fly between a couple is quite literal for Patty Mitchum. It’s taken her years to control and understand her gift—seeing cool, blue auras when couples are wrong for each other or red-hot lightening when their chemistry is perfect. And, when she’s lucky, she can touch someone and see the face of their true love.

Patty’s whole life’s been filled with frustration, knowing she could change the course of peoples’ lives for the best, but also knowing she’d be laughed out of town if she told others about her abilities. But now her grandchildren are in their twenties and unmarried. Finally, she can help them find the happily-ever-afters they all deserve. 

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Hello GLAIS readers! For my next book release I'm back in London—one of my favorite cities!  It's a contemporary paranormal novella titled Wolf, Interrupted, published by GothicScapes as a part of the URBAN WOLF anthology. The release date will likely be sometime in February. The moment I know the exact date I will let everyone know!

Wolf, Interrupted Description: Ms. Elle Hathaway has spent most of her young life in fear of herself. With the help of a lycanthrope suppressant, she's made it through puberty, university, even her first job in blissful denial of her wolf legacy. Then one night, deep in the tunnels of the Underground, her life changes forever. 

Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant is investigating the lethal mauling of an unknown victim in the Covent Garden tube station, and Ms. Elle Hathaway is a person of interest. Sensing her wolf nature he is mystified by the lovely young woman, and when Elle is abducted by a rival pack, Abelseth realizes he is being pulled back into London’s wolfen underworld.

Shaken out of her narcosis of denial, Elle teams up with the handsome inspector to evade the renegade pack. But as Elle’s situation grows dire, Abelseth knows the only way he can truly protect the strong-willed beauty is to convince her to shift and claim her as his mate. There’s just one little problem with his plan—Ms. Elle Hathaway. 


At the end of 2016, in the Crossover holiday romance--LOST and FOUND,  I introduced End of the Line, Montana--a new contemporary romantic fiction series that will feature some familiar faces and introduce new, to those that live, love, work, and play in End of the Line, Montana!

It encompasses characters related to my Kinnison Legacy Trilogy and its spin-off, the Last Hope Ranch--which features Jed Kinnison's dream of the ranch being a place for both human and horses in need of healing and second chances.

In 2017, I'll be heading back to End of the Line in a new End of the Line novella written expressly for the Magnolias and Moonshine event at the RT Booklovers conference in Atlanta! (More on that coming up!) Meantime...here's an overview of GEORGIA ON MY MIND coming in April 2017.

It's been years since rancher/teacher, Justin Reed, an End of the Line transplant from Atlanta, Georgia has stepped foot in the city he fled. But with a class reunion and the goal to ease tensions with his twin brother, he must now face the woman who once broke his heart—but has never left his thoughts!

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This year, I'm venturing into Contemporary Romance as part of a unique multi-author project being spotlighted at the 2017 RT Conference in Atlanta. In the coming months, I'll bring you more on this exciting venture, Magnolias and Moonshine, which features many of your favorite authors. In the meantime, let me introduce you to my book, MAYBE BABY.

Their contract only called for making a baby...

High-powered executive Jen Chandler can’t ignore her ticking biological clock any longer. She’s settled, financially secure and ready to have a child. The only problem, she isn’t interested in acquiring a husband. Taking control of her future, she sets out in search of a donor, a man who fits her “ideal,” yet won’t lay claim to the child.

Logan Hardt, a laid-back cowboy who shows up at her Atlanta home one day, turns out to have the right genes, as well as a pressing need for cash. But Logan is seduced by more than Jen’s generous offer, and the closer the time comes to say goodbye, the less willing he is to honor a contract that would require him to walk away and never look back.

Maybe Baby is the prelude to a new series, The Hardts of Texas. Starting April 2017.


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I'm kicking off 2017 by going steamier! My newest book, published by Penguin Random House and out in January, is a super-sexy, drenchingly romantic contemporary romance, set in the Abu Dhabi desert and Boston - an East Meets West love story with a totally dreamy hero.
Journalist Jenna Martin has led a very unadventurous life - until now.

Sent to the Arabian desert to review an exclusive new holiday resort, she stumbles into the path of a beautiful, exotic stranger, Kalan Al Talyani.

Over one unforgettable night, the reclusive billionaire will tempt her, test her, seduce her, and offer her an electrifying taste of a life outside her comfort zone.

When Jenna returns to America she tells herself it was just a magical one-night stand, an experience that's already starting to feel more dream than reality.

But then Kalan follows her home to Boston - and Jenna is forced to make a choice. Should she stay within the confines of her current life? Or take a risk on a life that's different from anything she's ever imagined . . .?

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COMING FROM Regan Walker

Coming in the Spring... a new Georgian romance: ECHO IN THE WIND, the story of the dashing Jean Donet, former pirate and privateer (now the comte de Saintonge), and the rebellious Lady Joanna West, the darling of English society but secretly, a smuggler.

In London, Donet meets the feisty Lady Joanna West who quickly gets under his skin. But after losing the woman he loved, Donet vowed never again to risk his heart. He will fight as never before to keep his heart from her.

Swept up in events in France that are quickly leading to revolution, will he be able to resist Lady Joanna who wants to play a part? And can she turn her back on the chance for love once she has been in the arms of the exciting comte de Saintonge?

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THE OTHER TWIN releases January 1st!  What a great way to start the New Year. I'll be celebrating on the Blog on the 2nd and 3rd.  It's Book 4 in the Fitzgerald House series, but don't worry, you can read them out of order.

Who can resist a neighbor in need? 
Nathan Forester doesn't know the first thing about kids. So when the daughter he never knew existed arrives on his doorstep, he needs help, fast! His unlikely ally is next-door neighbor and single mother Cheryl Henshaw. Nathan and Cheryl don't exactly see eye to eye, but neither can say no to a helping hand. 
Renovating Fitzgerald House is Nathan's chance to finally prove he's no longer the unreliable twin—and it seems possible with Cheryl by his side. Suddenly their practical arrangement has become something much more. Trust isn't easy, but they're stronger when they work together.

Book 5 in the series- UNDERCOVER WITH THE HEIRESS will release August 2017. It is already up for pre-order on Amazon and B&N. And right now I am busy working on Book 6 of the series - working title--TO CATCH A THIEF. It's been a lot of fun. 

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The  Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series continues in February with a revamped look but the same wonderful Crockett family and the amazing Paradise Ranch in BETTING ON PARADISE. 

Ty Garraway comes from a long line of small time gamblers and abusive men--going back three generations to the time his great-grandfather was cheated out of 7,000 acres of land by one Eli Crockett--the patriarch of Wyoming's huge Paradise Ranch.  But Ty is determined to break the cycle--especially once the three-year-old daughter he never knew he had is literally dropped into his life. Ty believes he has the way to freedom from his past:  get back the land that belongs to his family. To do that, however, he must face the powerful Crockett sisters who now own Paradise Ranch. 

Ty's plan to get his land is set and foolproof, until he meets Grace Crockett-out to start a new life of her own on the land that's sacred to her family. The more Ty comes to respect and love "good girl" Grace and the closer he grows to the Crockett family--the harder it becomes to want to hurt and anger them. How can he secure the future for his daughter and still find love with the woman of his dreams?

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