Too Steamy for the Penalty Box ... The Winning Goal

The New Orleans Cajun Rage professional hockey team just won the Cup. No one thought they'd do it: they were a team of shoulda beens, never coulda beens and a star or two. They'd only been in the Crescent City for three years before this year's Cinderella run that had them skating off the ice with the championship. Over the following summer, each player gets to keep the Cup for a day. Nobody knows why, but whoever has the Cup falls in love. 

18 romances with smoking hot heroes--both on and off the ice

Thanks for joining us to wrap up our HOT ON ICE anthology feature.Last up...me, Angi Morgan.

Check out Period One: Xio Axelrod, Christi Barth, Andie J. Christopher & Avery Flynn
OR Period Two USA Today Bestseller Robin Covington, Kim Golden, Lena Hart, & USA Today Bestseller Desiree Holt 
OR Period ThreeRobin Kaye, Katie Kenyhercz, USA Today Bestseller Kimberly Kincaid, & USA Today Bestseller Heather Long
OR OvertimeNana Malone, Kate Meader, Virginia Nelson, Susan Scott Shelley, and Misty D. Waters
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Hot on Ice
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Book Three, Exclusively
in HOT ON ICE through April 21st
Publisher's Weekly Bestseller 
Angi Morgan

When hockey phenom Deacon Sanders mistakes Brooke Henderson for a puck bunny, he's set on scoring the ultimate goal with the fiercely sexy bodyguard. Keeping watch from a distance is impossible when everywhere she turns Deacon's there like a loose puck in front of the net. Despite his annoyance that his family thinks he can't keep himself out of trouble, can he convince this Amazon beauty to stop fighting her erotic powers long enough to play his game?

“What’s the sexiest thing about Deacon? My first thought is his smile and of course his hard-as-ice body. But there’s more to sex-appeal than looks. He’s a very humble man who has worked hard for his shot and respects those who work hard, too.” ~Angi

Book Two, April 25th
Book One, April 25th

a new series with a mash-up of 
Angi's favorite genres
* a little comedy
* a little suspense
* a little magic
*and a whole lotta love

"This story, for its small size, contained the perfect mix of romance and suspense! Although plenty of characters were introduced, it was not overwhelming at all. Deacon and Brooke had terrific chemistry together - nothing about their attraction was unrealistic. And I could only be intrigued by the Bodyguards in Heels, founded by Patti Mitchum as a company to employ her various granddaughters, all who have very different…...ah, skills. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the stories that need to be told about Carrie, Emma and Essie!"

18 Stories ~ 1 Amazing Team
The sexiest thing about a hockey hero is his _______.


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  2. ability to take a hit and get up and play again :)

  3. Hotest thing is his moves. Who wouldn't like that about a hunk

  4. Replies
    1. There's a lot of passion in the HOT ON ICE anthology

  5. Tenacity and a love of the game

  6. The sexiest thing about a hockey player is he can handle a big stick while skating on ice ;)

  7. Well you know it's just got to be said, "his stick".

    1. thank you for admitting that's the first word to enter your mind !!

  8. Love a hockey player, the grace on skates is beautiful and when all the pads come off there is a hottie underneath

  9. The sexiest thing about a hockey player is his "stick" and crooked smile!