Nancy Holland Brings Us "Thalgor's Witch"

I’m very excited to bring Nancy Holland back to GLIAS today! I hope you'll give her a warm welcome.

Nancy Holland recently began to live her dream as a full-time writer. Her heroes and heroines want to make the world a better place, struggle to change their lives, and learn to trust each other. After studying books by people from other times and places, she loves to explore foreign cities where she can touch the reality behind their words.

After the success of her first two contemporary romances with Harper Impulse, Nancy has turned to her favorite romance sub-genre—fantasy, with a brand new book, THALGOR’S WITCH, coming out in February. Although the book is not available for pre-order quite yet, I want everyone to get excited about this wonderful story, so I invited Nancy to  come reveal her cover, the teaser for the book, and some of her inspiration for writing it. I'm so happy she's agreed to join us.

Hi, Liz and GLIAS readers and fans. I'm glad to be here today to share the gorgeous cover for my first fantasy novel, Thalgor’s Witch, which is due out February 22 from Tule Publishing. The book isn’t up for pre-order yet, but I’ll notify everyone via the comments when it is.

 Here is the beautiful cover -- I absolutely love it.
Here's the book blurb:
In a land of perpetual war and wandering, warrior Thalgor not only leads his people in battle, but keeps the hope alive that somebody his displaced tribe can rebuild the kingdom that was lost to the treachery between witches and men. When he captures a beautiful witch, he knows he cannot trust her. But to succeed in his quest to find a new home and prevail over his enemies, he also knows he needs her. 

Erwyn might be a slave and feared for her powers and precognition, but she doesn’t cower when confronted by the feared warrior. Nor does she act as expected. Thalgor’s kindness confuses her. His flashes of humor confound her. And the reaction he ignites in her body creates a longing that she cannot deny.

Neither anticipated falling in love. The stakes are high, but when Thalgor is mortally wounded, Erwyn realizes she must she must accept help from an unlikely source to save him.

Nancy will be back in February for the book release to share excerpts and more details about THALGOR’S WITCH. In the meantime, here’s some insight into Nancy the author and some of the inspiration that led her to write in a new genre.

Q&A with Nancy:

LIZ: How did you come up with the idea for this book? 
AUTHOR: This story has so many sources I can’t begin to remember them all. Its original title, ‘Til I Murder, and some of Erwyn’s attitude came from the lyrics to a song by Dr. John. One scene was inspired by Raymond Jacques’ Redwall books. The battle scenes were influenced by Michele Hauf’s Seraphim. I discovered the basic trope in one of Nora Roberts’ book. (I only borrow from the best.) Many, many of the ideas came from my reading as a teacher. Oh, and the golden helmet came from a great movie called “The Time Bandits.”

LIZ: Is writing or storytelling easier for you?
AUTHOR: Writing. I can tell stories, but never mastered my dad’s “good ole’ boy” Southern story-telling style. I prefer to have a chance to read, revise, and edit before I go public.

LIZ: What drew you to write in the genre(s) you do?
AUTHOR: I have wanted to write fantasy ever since I first read Lord of the Rings and C. S. Lewis’ Narnia books in junior high, so this is truly the book of my heart.
Nancy failing to become a fantasy heroine. (Picture courtesy of Jennifer McAndrews)
LIZ: Time for a mini blitz!
a)Favorite color? Song? Movie?
b) Summer or winter?
c) Morning or night?
d) Rain or shine?
e) Sweet or salty?
a)      Blue
b)      Summer, by far (I’m from California!)
c)      Morning
d)     Shine
e)      Both

LIZ: Name three things on your desk right now.
AUTHOR: Too many sticky notes, too many pens, and a mug of cold coffee.

What’s your favorite fairy tale or other story that involves magic? Why that one?

Here are my two earlier contemporary romances:





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  1. Great interview! I'm looking forward to reading the book when it comes out!

  2. Oh, and my favorite fairy tale is the one where the heroine saves her brothers from being cursed to live as swans by weaving them shirts from thistle fiber - all in silence. I forget the title...

    1. I've half forgotten that one. What makes it special for you?

  3. I love the blog and the answers that Nancy gave so glad that she was here at GLIAS as she is new to me. I love Beauty and the Beast and the reason why is nothing can be judged at face value even the beauty of love!

  4. Yes, that's one of my favorites, too! Thanks for stopping by.