Get lost in Wolf Lords of London book # 2: Wolf on Fire

Jillian Stone

Elle Hathaway is starting to accept her new, wilder wolf side. She’s even adjusting to life with her new wolf mate. But now that they’re talking about marriage, she’s not so sure. Granted, she’s wildly attracted to Detective Inspector Abelseth Durant—the man with the impossible name who’s also impossible to resist—but marriage? Elle senses he cares for her, but is he willing to marry her out of obligation, or love?

Back in London, Elle moves in with her new flatmate and attends Coxley Grey Wolf Academy. She also returns to work at Chelsea Physic Garden and is presented with a somewhat dubious opportunity. There’s been a last minute wedding cancellation—if she and Abelseth want it, it’s theirs. It’s a very odd feeling when the universe decides to play cupid.

Meanwhile, DI Abelseth Durant has his hands full protecting his new mate. He's still got a tube mauling to investigate, and he’s being shadowed by a government agent. For years, the Wolf Lords of London have exercised great power above and below ground, but Abelseth senses a seismic shift on the rise, one that could pose a threat to their very existence.

In Wolf on Fire, closely held secrets of London's wolf culture are revealed as well as the heart-wrenching backstory on the handsome wolf prince who offers Elle everything but his heart.

"Fast-paced and highly original new shapeshifter series."
—NetGalley Review

Hi Get Lost in a Story readers!

I'm very excited to post a sneak peek at book #2 of the new Wolf Lords of London series. You're going to get emersed in the London's wolf culture, meet a few new characters, and get taken on more than a couple of wild rides. Here's an excerpt to give you a tantilizing taste of Wolf on Fire which releases March 10, 2018.

   They hadn’t quite made it out of the Wyvern College car park when she remembered. “We can’t practice on Saturday afternoon,” she declared, “we have a conflict.”
   Abelseth steered the car onto the exit ramp. “What kind of conflict?”
   “Viggo and I can always train with you another day.” 
   “What’s wrong with Saturday?” 
   “We’re getting married—” She swallowed. “You and I. Or is it you and me? I can never remember.” 
   He braked harder than necessary at the stop sign. “Yes, I’ve always believed that if we married, it would be you and me.” His mouth twitched, and his brows knit together. “You’ve had an abrupt
change of mind. This morning you were rather frosty on the subject.”
   Elle sighed. “Well, nothing is certain yet, but it looks like there’s going to be a last minute wedding cancellation at the Chelsea Physic Garden.” 
   Abelseth turned right onto Finchley and left onto Prince Albert Road.
   “Why are you taking us around Regent’s Park?” 
   “Because I am. What shall it be? Pub food, Chinese? Curry or Tandoori Chicken—do you like Indian?”
   Questions like these were a stark reminder that they barely knew one another. “I haven’t had Thai in ages—Tom Ka Gai soup, and the dish with the big thick noodles…” She got out her phone to look up the dish.
   “Have you been to the Drunken Noodle?” he asked.
   “No, but I hear the food is…” She scrolled through the restaurant’s reviews. “‘Spicy and ambrosial.’ It says so right here on Yelp.”
   He stopped at the traffic light and took a moment to study her. Long lashes shaded crystalline blue eyes, that gleamed in the dark. His gaze lowered to her mouth. “Thai food it is.” He leaned close. “With a bit of Elle for starters.”
   His lips were soft and sensuous and she felt his kiss everywhere. He cradled her head in his palm and began a slow, possessive assault that included sensuous nips and a lovely chase after her tongue.    A shower of tingles rippled up and down her spine. 
   It took the rude honk of a car horn to break the spell. 
   “Bastards,” she whispered against his lips.
   “Just when we were getting spicy and ambrosial.” He settled back into the drive. “Tell me more about this wedding cancellation.”

“Elle and Abelseth are a hot couple…witty dialogue with lots of sexual tension 
and bickering—heaven!” —Joy Reads Romance

   Elle thought about how the opportunity came about. “A cautionary tale of woe entitled the perils of weekend bachelorette parties. Apparently, the bridesmaids thought to do it up right and hired a suite full of male strippers.”
   “Harmless enough one would think.”
   “Until the groom led a surprise panty raid. Caught the bride sitting on top of Magic Mike.”
   “Pole dancing?” 
    Elle nearly convulsed with laughter. “We shouldn’t make fun—poor girl.” 
   “Poor girl? What about the poor sod?” 
   Elle tried to frown but couldn’t. “Without their misfortune, we’d be standing up at the Chelsea Registry with a couple of pals.”
   “And where will the ceremony be held?” he asked. 

 “The gallery inside the main building has been reserved for the ceremony—lovely old hall. And the main lawn for the reception party.”
   Elle blinked. “You can’t have a wedding without a reception, champagne, dinner, and cake—perhaps some dancing?” 
    “In less than a week’s time?” He stole a quick glance at her. 
    She wondered how long that majestic brow arch would stay elevated. “It’s too late for formal invites, but Violet and Tallis have phones, and we might compose a simple, tasteful email?”
   “By all means, let’s put our two busybody mothers to work.” Abelseth turned onto a narrow street somewhere in Soho. “Subject line: ‘No weekend plans? Pop by Chelsea Physic Garden for a wedding party.’”
   Elle rolled her eyes, but she also smiled. “Definitely has the right tone—and the good news is, there’s no time to argue over the wording.”
   Abelseth appeared thoughtful. “I assume the wedding in jeopardy is already planned within an inch of its—”
   Elle cut him off. “We just passed Drunken Noodle.” She pointed out the window. “Look—there’s a spot just ahead!” 
  “Hold on—” He slipped the Mini into a parking space not fifty feet from the restaurant. Abelseth killed the engine and set the brake. “Tell me, am I about to marry a backseat driver?” 
Elle met his gaze and nodded. “But only when starving for Thai food.”

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