Wrap up of Barbara Vey 2018 Readers Appreciation Weekend

I just came back from attending the 2018 Barbara Vey Readers Appreciation weekend. Wow, I loved meeting so many wonderful, enthusiastic romance readers. They are super readers!. There were 60 author and almost 400 readers and the event ran from Thursday night until Sunday morning.
(I'm still very tired!)

One of the highlights of the weekend was having seven readers choose to sit at my luncheon table. And the authors get to decorate the tables. Mine was an afternoon tea party at Fitzgerald House.  Those aren't hats - they're tea cozies on tea pots. I was worried I wouldn't get them all knit, but I got them done! Plus I gave them my favorite afternoon tea and made Abby's Brandy Pecan Bars (from Southern Comforts) and Russian tea cakes. My table was so much fun. We also got to have breakfast with readers.


Here are some of the other amazing tables other authors created!

Aren't they creative!

And I got to spend time with author friends, old and new.  (I wish I had taken more pictures!)
Nan, Penguin and Lenora Bell

Mary Strand, Nan, Abbie Roads

Susan Carlisle, Nan

There were a ton of games going on during the weekend and an author Q&A. (I got a question about penguins and sombreros!)  And a big book signing. I loved introducing the Fitzgerald House series to new readers.

Have you ever been to Reader Event? Where was it and what did you like or not like about it?


  1. I have never been to one but have always wanted to go Peggy Clayton

    1. What would you expect at a reader event, Peggy?

    2. I would like to meet other readers that read similar books and that the author would make it a nice cozy meet and greet. Also that she would give a talk about the books she has written and include a few personal things about her. Also she would get to know a little about her followers and that she would have a goodie bag for everyone there that has just a few book related items just a small one something for them to take home and remember their experience. Nothing formal at all just informal few hours. Peggy

    3. That sounds wonderful, Peggy! It was fun spending time with readers last weekend and we did get to talk a lot!