Through My Lens: Christmas on the Road

I've spent many Christmases NOT at home. That's what happens when you have lots of family. You shift houses from year to year, you trade your family for in-laws. But I've never spent it camping...at least not until this year. And when I say "camping" I'll happily concede that we didn't rough it in the 26' camper. (LOL) 

We spent a lot of hours driving straight to the campsite. It was everyone's first time to visit Roswell and were very sad that everything closed before 6 pm. Cosmic Campgrounds was awesome. "It is one of only 10 certified IDA Sanctuaries in the world. International Dark Sky Sanctuaries are lands possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights."  I can tell you it was worth the drive. No lights for 40 miles and only 6 campsites. There were so many stars !!! Definitely worth it--especially with Tim's telescope. 

Our next stop was the Catwalk on the west side of the Gila National Forest near Glenwood, New Mexico. This short hike is extremely easy since it's paved almost 100%. A lot of history here and accessible. It was cool, but no wind kept it bearable. 

We spent Christmas at the Mesa Campgrounds in the national forest. Lovely, quiet...and then it snowed. Just beautiful. It was truly the first WHITE Christmas for Tim and my daughter. It might have snowed on Christmas in Dallas before, but nothing like this. 

We left Gila and traveled through Emory Pass, heading for Alamogordo. The Pass is a beautiful drive--especially in the snow. I would rather have not made it towing the trailer (pretty frightening at times).

We dropped the trailer at the campgrounds and spent the day after Christmas visiting White Sands Monument (NOW a national park as of 12/29/19). O.M.G. !!!  

White Sands is amazing.  I've been wanting to go here for years (okay, a couple of decades). My mom and dad visited in the 90s and his description and impression piqued my interest waaaay back then. I'm so glad Tim and I had the chance to visit. VERY impressive.

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!!
AND I hope you have plenty of books to ring in the new year !

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  1. WE are on a hill and he is 60 and i am more so he goes to bed and i watch the dick clark till it is 1200 in Ca where my kids live then i go out and bang pans i have done this since they were little. peggy clayton ptclayton2@aol.com

    1. Peggy, you've won your choice of a book from my crate. I'll contact you via email.

  2. These days I tend to sleep through New Years. I had years of seeing a new year dawn - literally.


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  4. Just gorgeous, Angi! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics ;)

  5. I will probably read... :)
    Love the trees full of snow!

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