I totally stole this idea from our own Regan Black. Follow her on Instagram and you'll get mug after mug of inspiration!!  BEGIN is a great mug for writers. Maybe for coffee drinkers everywhere. We're sharing pictures of a favorite mug we own today. You can share yours on the Get Lost in a Story Facebook page or on the Reader's Spot group page.  Extra prizes will be awarded. Come and visit us.

I think I have a theme. Three mugs were given to me and I bought the fourth. I AM a very proud Dog Mom who doesn't drink coffee. And I adore Hallmark Christmas movies, I keep them on my DVR all year. I am always smiling after I watch one. And oh my goodness if you add a dog to the story I'm good for a week !! 

I’ve always been obsessed with flowers and in the last few years I’ve become obsessed with Corgis (and hope to one day share my home with a couple), so these mugs are some of my favorites. I bought the “Sploot Happens,” “Got Corgi?” and “Fluffy Butt” mugs from “My Dog is My Copilot” (aka Tracy) on Etsy. And I received the Corgi/Sushi mug this Christmas from my nephew. A brilliant addition because sushi is a favorite as well! 

Over the years we’ve amassed a great many mugs from friends and family-holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, and more. In this picture is a sampling of each of those moments, those memories. From left to right—the snowman mug, lots of hot chocolate and coffee during holidays and winter nights. They match the snowman dinnerware that we’ve used for countless Christmas dinners. The ironstone mug from Betty’s Pies is some of the sweetest memories of lake shore trips to Grand Superior Lodge. If you’re up that way, stop in at Betty’s and try the many fabulous homemade pies with a generous mug of fresh coffee! Next is the mug I received this Christmas from my grandsons, ‘nuf said, other than what the cup states, “Blessed!” The brown mug is special as it was made for me by my artist/teacher daughter-in-law. It sits on my office desk, reminding me of how a lump of clay can be molded with patience and tenacity into something exquisitely beautiful! And the ornate china cup and saucer is one of many given to various grandchildren and great-grandchildren when my grandmother passed. Her example of humility, kindness, and resilience peppered with a wicked humor has been my inspiration and model as long as I can remember. In fact, my pen name of McIntyre is derived grandmother’s maiden name.

My favorite mugs are mugs...sort of <g> L to R: one of my great grandmother's demitasse cups (without the saucer), mini green and white cup and saucer, a mini demitasse cup (not sure who it belonged to as a little girl...probably my grandmother who loved her "coffee-tea.", in the back L to R my favorite holly Christmas mug (which has been cracked for 10 years...sadness) and a new favorite a pretty sweet pea mug from one of my dear friends. 

My husband and I have a problem collecting T-shirts. In fact, we have so many they don't fit in our drawers and live in piles on a dresser. The only thing that has to do with mugs, is that I have a problem collecting them as well. I've given more mugs and cups to Goodwill than I can count. I don't even buy most of them for myself--people love to give mugs! So, the ones I've kept are ones that really mean something fun to me. The ones here span a lot of history. Eeyore came from a reader and is perfect for THOSE days. Nanosaurus in the back was given to me by my granddaughter who will, I  have no doubt, always be a dinosaur expert! "I AM smiling," came from Alaska, where we lived for three years and fell in love with all things 49th State. The Yellow Submarine mug is essential to this Beatles freak -- and has window circles that clear up and reveal John, Paul, George and Ringo when the mug is filled with hot water. The blue and white mug reads "Moin moin," which is they way people say "good morning" and "hi" in far northern Germany--another place we lived two different times for a year each time. Finally, the funny little teacup is from my wonderful spunky grandmother whom I idolized. The woman is "Little Nell" and the funky man's face is a complete mystery. I'm thinking he's an author -- but I really have no idea, but Grandma thought things like this were funny, so I love this quirky cup! So--this is a smattering of my mug and cup collection. They're random choices (I adore random) and each brings up a wonderful memory or time in my life!


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  1. fun mugs
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  2. Those are so cute... my sister is a big mug collector. I love animals on them! :)

  3. Right now I'm using a Christmas mug. lol


  4. Does anyone else collect mugs from places they visit?

  5. My sister collects shot glasses from places she visits... but I have not seen her add mugs to her collection from different places... I will have to ask her about that.