Does this Kick-Ass Heroine have Nine Lives? Let's chat with Phyllis Middleton #romanticsuspense #SoulmatePublishing

It's the birth of a brand new baby, a book! Nine Lives, Two Down by Phyllis Middleton is launched!

Let’s get to know more about Phyllis: While employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the age of nineteen, Phyllis Middleton was trained in the Science of Fingerprints. Once returning to her home in Colorado, she was a Deputy Sheriff for the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department and specialized in crime scene investigation and evidence processing.  Certified in Pueblo District and County Courts, Phyllis testified in a number of cases as an expert in the field of fingerprints. While with the Sheriff’s Department, she branched out in Patrol and Investigations as well as becoming a member of the Search and Rescue Squad and the State Disaster Team. She then became an Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Police Instructor. She rounded out twenty years as a Senior Criminal/Civil Investigator with the Denver Coroner’s Office in her last six years of active service.

She writes mystery/suspense/action adventure with romantic elements. She's been writing stories since the 8th grade but only in recent years has she become serious about learning her craft and getting published.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Dallas Area Romance Authors,and The Plotting Princesses. Nine Lives, Two Down is her first book.

 Police officer Bethany Banks kills a suspect in a shootout and nearly dies from gunshot wounds. Though the shooting was deemed justified, her confidence is shaken. After being threatened by a psychopathic stalker, Beth is forced to leave the department and run for her life.

Former lover, Sgt. Sam DeLuca loves Beth, but thought her perceived threats were caused by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His skepticism to her claims about a stalker shattered her trust and she left him. When new evidence arises, he realizes he should have believed her.

When fate gives Sam a second chance, he’s is determined to protect the woman he loves. Can he keep Beth safe and catch a murderous stalker before Beth’s time runs out? He’ll risk everything to restore the love they lost – but is it too late?

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And now for the fun stuff! Vicki:  I’m a huge handbag girl. What is your favorite accessory? Phyllis:  Jewelry. I HAVE to have earrings on. I don’t feel dressed without them.

Vicki: What turns you off like nothing else?  Phyllis: Rudeness.

Vicki: Can you tell us about a real-life hero you’ve met? Phyllis: Coming from a law enforcement background, I’ve met a good number of heroes, but one that stands out is the officer who used a sniper shot to help me escape from a hostage situation.  (Yes, I will be writing about it in an upcoming series I’m working on.) Vicki: Wow, Phyllis, that will be so interesting!

Vicki: Fairy Tale or Action Adventure?  Phyllis: Action adventure of course!

Vicki: What is your biggest vice?  Phyllis: Candy Vicki: me, too.

Vicki: What’s something you’d like to tell your fans? Phyllis: When I write something and it seems unreal or far fetched, it probably comes from a REAL experience I’ve had.

Vicki: Do you write while listening to music?  If so what kind?  Phyllis: I have instrumentals such as movie sountracks that send my brain into action adventure mode. I have a few love songs that put me into the romance mood when it gets to that point of the story.

Vicki: If you could interview one person (and it doesn’t have to be a writer) who would it be? Phyllis: The first TV/movie star crush for me was David Hedison, who played Captain Crane from the 60’s TV show Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. He’s still alive and well at 82 and I keep up with him. The other person would have been John Wayne because he was such a good guy.

Vicki: What inspires you daily? Phyllis: That somewhere along the line – I’ve delighted someone, however, simple. Vicki: That is beautiful. 

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  1. Hi Phyllis and welcome back to GLIAS. Best of luck with the release.

    1. Thank you, Angi. It is nice to have hope that my book will do well, but I consider it a huge accomplishment that it is simply published and out there.My goals continue!

  2. Hi, Phyllis! You've come a long way, baby, and now you have a book baby! Congratulations!

    1. Ah, thank you sweet Vicki. It seems no matter how much crap life has been handing out to me lately, I'm still being blessed with book and friends.

  3. Hi Phyllis! Welcome to GLIAS! I love your cover and I bought a copy - looking forward to reading it.
    WOW! you were in a hostage situation??? You've lived an exciting life. Was that when you were a police officer or was that the thing that got you into law enforcement?

    1. Hi Kat! Yes, I've had an exciting life. I'm getting to the age now that I prefer the boredom, lol. Thank you for getting the book. I hope you enjoy it.

      Yes, I was taken hostage as an officer - wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing.

  4. Hi Phyllis

    Great interview. I've already read the book and loved it (as you know). Can't wait to read about the sniper story. Get busy girl!

  5. Hi Kathy and thanks!That story comes from the deputy sheriff series based on my real life events.